La Fitness Gym Facility Reviews

There has been much theft at LA Fitness in Irvine and it is almost impossible to contact corporate about the problem. The only # available is HR and then it is for subpoena or other lawsuit initiation. Do not be taken by the Release they make you sign. LA Fitness has a duty of care and no Release will hold up in court. Criminals gain easy entrance and there is no security on hand. Furthermore, cameras need to be more visible to deter theft....
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My father was robbed twice this week at same LA Fitness location in Mississauga, at Dixie/Dundas. First time he left his shoes outside for 5 minutes. Second time he his lock was cut off and everything inside was stolen. And the managers didn't even want to file a robbery! My family was going to this gym for more than a year, but now we are definitely stopping the subscription. First time was my father's fault, but after the second case we are...
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Had a complant for the la fitness in Lititz pike in lancaster pa. I was friday night at the locker rooms theres this girl they got cleaning the mens locker rooms ,for me that dont look right that they got a female doing the mens locker rooms with guys still in the rooms an nude ,,,apparently the boss at the gym dont care that theres other customers that care for other people's safety... this is every friday at 9 theres something weird going on...
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