Tucson, Arizona

I am so upset. Recently,LA fitness decided to change its format. They are so cheap, they no longer let instructors play real music. They have musac , not music, and it is terrible. The beat is the same on every song, and it is totally boring.

We no longer have Zumba classes since they wont pay royalty fees. All of the good instructors have quit. They have re-named it to Latin Heat, and it is so boring. I have to look for a new gym-- as are many of my freinds. dont join this club if you want to take classes.

They have told the instructors not to talk about this, like the customers are *** and wont know. It sucks

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I agree with one of the previous comments. The format change to canned music is terrible.

As a result I stopped attending one of the cycle classes. The instructors should have the option to play their own music.


its so funny to read your comments here...hahaha...first of all before Zumba or Latin heat or whatever there was AEROBICS.

So these are all offshoots from that and the only reason its Latinized becasue of the influx of the Latino population.

The 'american' style is aerobics, then the 'latino' style is latin heat and maybe 'brazilain have 'zumba'......hahaha

yeah most of the out of shape, overweight and non dancers, non athletes are women in their 40 and 50...pathetic...hahaha....the instructor bodies dont look any different then them...hahaha...while all of them screaming and trying to move sexy....failure...hahahaha


:roll :) :grin ;) 8) :p :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :cry :( :x

Latin Heat and Zumba at La fitness are horrible...UNLESS...the teacher is hispanic and knows how to move! Dale candela!


Zumba was great. Latin Heat was terrible!!! The people on here that commented on here that Latin Heat was good/Great, must work for LA fitness, even though they will probably deny, as no one could like that over Zumba!!


I left Bally's to join LA Fitness because they were doing zumba (even though they called it latin heat and the music, classes and instructors were awesome. All the great instructors have left and I have followed.

I tried the new latin heat format and it is horrible. I still went to step classes, but have now realized I love zumba and am attending classes outside of LA fitness and am going to freeze and/or cancel my membership. Zumba is what I enjoy and that's what I want to do as my workout.

Why cant LA fitness just pay the licensing fees to use zumba at their gym, so that they can keep members happy. They make enough money to do this!


I love the Latin Heat class provided by LA fitness. The music is so upbeat and I sweat up a storm.

I actually took a ZUmba class and found it so boring, the music was super slow the instructor was all over the place and well to be honest it seemed that the older crowd enjoyed it more.

I take Latin Heat classes 3-4 times a week and always walk out feeling like I had a great work out! :)


I teach a bunch of classes at LA Fitness. My coordinator told me that I "Have to" use the music by Power Music that LA Fitness provides for "Legal Reasons" and that if I use anything else, even if purchased legally from someone like Cardiomix music or 32mix I will no longer be employed by LA fitness.

Some of the music by this company does not even meet the BPM guidelines that LA Fitness set for class formats. So as members what do you all think?


I am a member of LA Fitness and am in the process of getting a "Group Exercise Certification" through AFAA.

I know that we had Zumba, and I took one class and it was certainly a moving class. Then the name changed to Latin Heat. The instructor is still the same instructor? So either she was never Zumba certified or she is and is happy to be still doing what she is doing.

The music she played was definitely Latin style. It was ok, but I wasn't crazy about it. However, Zumba while fun, does have drawbacks. Just read on the internet the number of knee and back injuries by participants who receive no proper warm up or cool down and do it too often.

I am not particularly happy with LA Fitness and I am concerned about what music is used as I want to lead a class. I have noticed that the music in the gym isn't played often.....licensing fee issues? If so, LA Fitness is being cheap, cheap, cheap. They already do not provide proper number of cleaning stations!


I regularly took the Zumba-like classes from LA Fitness and they were GREAT. Wonderful instructors, great music and always PACKED.

Then they dumped the format, the good music...and unfortunately all the fun. I tried the new format and it was lousey. The classes are empty and slow (not nearly quick enough to get a decent work out).

I am disappointed in LA Fitness. They already have most of the folks under contract and there apparently did not have to cater to the desires of the members.


I just started taking the Latin Heat class at LAF and I must say that it is an excellent workout and I love it! I'm sweating within the first 10 minutes of class.

I think you all have to find an instructor you like. I have been to zumba classes before and I actually prefer Latin Heat now.

The instructor at the gym I use is GREAT and she makes it fun!!! CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!!!!


Are you women serious? First of all it was never called Zumba, it was always Latin Impact or Latin Heat long before the Zumba videos ever came out.

If they were teaching Zumba it was because a teacher was teaching her Latin Heat class in a format of Zumba. Not what she was hired to do. and if you really think your body is changing because ofnthis class, look again.

Then women who take this class are all Latin women, in their 40's and 50's who have had it all nipped and tuckednby their doctor in South America. Most of bodies you see in this class are less then desirable


Refusing to continue with the Zumba format and forcing the "Latin Heat" canned music on the members of LA Fitness is the single most *** decision I have ever seen a company make. Whoever connocted this approach must be very out of touch with the members.

Have they not noticed the rise in class attendance when Zumba was introduced few years back? And what better way to promote the new format than putting a *** order on the instructors to prevent them from speaking negatively about the change to further their agenda. This is INSANE! Therefore, I am actively seeking membership at a different gym that has bought into the Zumba format.

I am also utilizing the local dance studios that offer Zumba classes. Bye, bye LA Fitness after 15 years of membership!


“Letting go of Trendy Zumba should give people an option to try new things and step away from your comfortable workout“. said realistic consumer.

Really? Like those classes haven’t always been available? The local L.A. Fitness replaced their “Latin Heat” AKA Zumba class with Boot Camp.

Do you know how many people showed up for that class? ZERO! You don’t just take something away that people not only enjoyed doing but something that had proven results ! As a consumer, I want what not only works for ME but what I enjoy doing!

I shouldn’t have to settle for another class when I found one I enjoy and I’m not going to! Zumba is a full body workout and taking Zumba 3-days a week helped ME drop 40lbs and 5 sizes.! My body never got “Comfortable” with Zumba and I was able to reach MY physical goal and weight loss goal while maintaining it without having to take other classes or use the gyms other facilities! When people comment about MY weight loss, I tell them it was Zumba!

Every body type, weight loss goal and physical agility is different. Why do you think they put a disclaimer after every weight loss product saying “Results not typical”? As for burning 1000 calories, It’s not impossible and I did it! I don’t get endorsements from Zumba!

I’m someone who’s taking the classes, burned a lot of calories lost 40lbs and I didn’t need other classes, free weights, machines, a pool or a racquet call court to do it.



I too got a headache with that horrible version of Latin Heat they are now changing to. I think its ridiculous to think that they are doing this for our good, so we reach a physical goal.

The truth is, if its not an exercise you enjoy you won't make it to the gym.

And I enjoyed Zumba. :cry


Just doing Zumba is a sure way to limit your results L.A.Fitness has many classes alone with free weights and Machine along with raquet ball courts and a pool. If you know anything about fitness unlike the people above this paragraph you know that the body will adapt to every exercise you do, EVERYTHING and learning the other parts of the gym is necessary to reach any physical goal.

L.A.fitness knows this and by letting go of the trendy Zumba should give a people an option to try new things and step away from you comfortable workout that you've done many many times before.

Oh yeah you did not burn 1000 calories dancing to Zumba. That is impossible.


I know people will be using “Google” to search for “Why is LA Fitness getting rid of their Zumba classes”. This has been a BIG issue for me and a lot of other members of LA Fitness.

I signed a petition that was created by a fellow member, made calls to corporate and made complaints to the Mgr a my local LA Fitness. The Bottom line is… “Zumba” is not coming back to LA Fitness anytime soon. I’ve taken other classes at the club and NEVER burned as many calories as I did in Zumba. In one 1hr class, I burned 1002 calories.

That’s Amazing! I’m extremely upset with LA Fitness’s decision to STOP offering “Zumba”. This change has led to a lot of the “Certified” Zumba instructors to quite and I don’t blame them! They paid to be “Certified” to teach Zumba not this garbage bull Sh8t class LA Fitness Calls “Latin Heat”.

I’m in the process of canceling my membership and following the Zumba instructor to her new location. If you enjoy Zumba as much as I do, you can always go to www.zumba.com and search for classes. You can search by zip code and you can search by instructor. Ask around.

Word of mouth is an amazing thing.

People talk and people listen. Many of the instructors teach at several different locations.