Dallas, Texas
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can add themselves to the growing list of terrible fitness clubs. With staff that are rude and arrogant, personal trainers who are mediocre and a general griminess of the entire gym.

I wish I had read all of these negative reviews before signing up. I tried resolving problems at this gym but that female receptionist at the door has the worst manners I have ever encountered. I just want to resolve the double billing that was going on - but as others have discovered, LA Fitness just takes your money - their pratice is fraudulent.

I have tried for 4 months to find a personal trainer who can actually train - after changing to a third peronal trainer to find a good fit, I can only snort at their perception of personal trainers. The men were basically just muscle with a pimple between the ears; the female trainer manager was so jumpy and nervous that I suspect she is constantly on some energy boosting substance; I could barely understand her for the slurred speech - the final trainer was sweet but wishy-washy and the training completely pointless.

Honestly, I cannot fathom that this place is still in business. I plan to complain to every form of media I can find!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

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