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I recently signed a contract for a 1 year personal trainer. I have decided within 3-7 days of signing that I would prefer to just do 3 months.

I politely asked to renegotiate and all I got was the run around with no answer for 3 weeks!Finally the answer I got was, no. What I don't get is why they would think that is going to make me happy as a customer! They think they can just make themselves happy and not try to please the customer! That won't happen for long, eventually that type of attitude will catch up with a company and no one will do business with them.

Yes, I did sign a contract but I was told I could cancel within 3-7 days by their personal trainer, it turns out it's only 3. How is that fair?!

What's truly frustrating to me is that they don't even care to try and negotiate with me to make me a happy customer. Who wants to go and work out at a gym where they feel like they have to be there?!

I don't see how one cranky customer is going to make their gym a happy place to be, not for other gym memmbers or employees. Do what is right and you will be suprised how word of mouth can work in your favor.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

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same thing. I sent a complaint to BBB andprotested the charage on AMEX and I put a maxed out card on the account so i can't get charged anymore. This is insane


After alot of emails, a complaint with the BBB and this website, which I forwarded both to them also. I also called about 5 corporate people twice and left messages for them to call me.

They had 2 different people call me yesterday with in 3 minutes of eachother. We worked something out that I am more than happy with. I wish it hadn't caused me so much trouble to get a resolution.

I truly dislike being the annoying customer but I really dislike not being listened to. I am glad that it's over.


Here's what u do. I'm a former employee.

Go into the club and put a pre-paid card with $5 on it on file as your way of paying for your training. When they try to bill it won't go thru. They will call you to update, but just refuse. They DO NOT send anything to collections or report to the credit bureaus.

They will eventually just revoke your training. This is the easiest way out of the deal. Just don't tell them what you are doing when u switch cards of file for payment. This works.

I've given this info to several people HOOKED in training contracts. Good luck and F LA Fitness.


were all on the same miserable boat !! I too have a problem with LA FITNESS...

the sales rep, "trainer" & Operational Manager all lied, BS me and everytime i asked a ? they would all give me different answers. The trainer told me i could sign up for a training session for a month and then cancel turns out its for a YEAR !!!

and you have to buy out to get out which is almost a grand !! can you say i almost went on a rampage...


I am in the same boat. LA Fitness' customer service doesn't exist.

They do everything they can to lock you in at a high price with dishonest sales techniques. It's a racket. Different prices for different people. Canceling a membership is just as hard.

They deserve a class action suit.

My advice to everyone is to find a different gym. Don't even walk in the door.