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Usually i don't expend my time in thing like this ones, but since LA Fitness still charging me for a membership that clearly don't use...here we go

Yesterday i went to my Gym but couldn't get in my spinning class so i remember that LA Fitness last time when i try to cancel it they came out with a pretty good deal for $10.00 dollars a month (my husband and I). Sounds good for us since we expend a lot of time in the gym so could be good for some one like us that we are join 2 great GYMs to have LA fitness us a backup!...well yesterday i have to use this back up (LA Fitness) and first the women in the front desk (NANCY) without looking at me said: your membership is frozen sorry"...i said ok well do something you know. (thinking in my acct when i see charge from LA fitness every month) well i have to tell so what you going to do?!.... she was to me in another planet or so because was like her little brain freeze up with this also... well finally she said i can print the pass for you and activate the account again...so because i was in a hurry to catch the spinning class, fail in this new trap!! To make this story short, after i done my spinning class i went back with the print out paper to get some answers like

When i try to cancel last April the manager offered to keep my membership at $10.00 and you can still coming any time.

I been getting charges every month for $10.00

Why when i just came my account is freeze?

Also why you just charge me $29.00 of what?

... so here is when people who pay a monthly service to have some relax o fun time at the end of the day...flip out in a front of the worst costumers service you can probably never imagine that you going to get... well this women was really nasty never heard word that i say, never pay attention, never trying to look my membership in the computer and when finally did took a look....holly molly she dare to flip the screen for me to see it...to see what???? .... and then that *** women say" mam looks like you have a very good deal"!!! what kind of brain damage this women has?...Seriously ?!. I don't want to be mean but i'm the customer right? i don't work for you! and I'm also freaking wasting my money in this very low class gym with ZERO costumer services...no respect at all for people expend $100s in a piece of nothing. really?! when you actually just need someone to tell you... let me check for you.... looks like your account is been frozen for some reason....well ill print a pass for you to join the spinning class... that all! (I've were like this, i would't noticed that once she print the pass they charge me 29.00 plus $10.00 they charge me every month to keep this piece of garbage membership) She couldn't answer anything...what the heck that women was doing behind that desk? this is so wrong...NANCY i think was her name...Please you really need some type of education to be behind a desk its a privilege not a funky time...you are LA FITNESS FACE!!! (do your self a favor and look for another job because your clearly not belong to customer service)

Well well, after this situation just can't wait for tomorrow to go and cancel the WORST DEAL OF FITNESS CLUB

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: cancel my membership.

  • LAfittness worstgymever
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Your account was on freeze. A monthly freeze only charges your account 10 dollars every month.

When the manager said you could come in at any time. He or she meant to unfreeze the account. At which point you come in the account becomes unfrozen and you are now responsible for your original monthly dues.

The young lady at the front desk was probably just confused because she was unaware that you misunderstood what the manager said to you in the beginning. As for you, if you spoke to her in the broken English like you did in this complaint I can understand why she was looking at you confused as you spoke