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I joined LA Fitnedd in June 2011 and got what I believed was an excellent deal of 29 per month just pay first and last so I signed my husband up as well as my 3 children for the kidz room. The first day I was talked into signing up with a personal trainer for $90 extra.

I was told I had 3 days after my final set of sessions to cancelo if I was dissatisfied. I was not scheduled until almost 2 weeks later to see a trainer as the gym is always overcrowded and dirty. I had 2 of my 3 sessions and went to cancel and sent all cancellation forms together in the same envelope. I received a notice cancelling my husband and children's membership and not mine.

When I called to address this issue they said they never received my cancellation form!!!!! The *** on the line said that he would have mailed them off seperately. I asked why would I waste a stamp to cancel a family membership?! I was then told I could not cancel my membership until I payed 1/2 of the snnual fee!!

I informed them that I had cancelled in the time I was told and they said I was to cancel 3 days from the day I signed up....yet my first appointment wasn't assigned until well after!!! I cancelled my credit card and made arrangements to just pay the DEVIL that is LA Fitness. I go to check my account I notice I am overdrawn! I see 3 unauthorized deductions from my account: $90, $90 and a $5 service fee!!!

I never gave them my new card number and they had been calling me several times a day to get a new one!!

This cannot be legal and I am pursuing legal representation over this matter. I would advise the same for everyone who has been cheated by them.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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LA Fitness was only given your credit card info by your bank or credit card company. Take it up with them.