Newark, New Jersey

I have been a member for a little over 1 year and have seen this club decline rapidly on many levels. The club is is only cleaned sparatically and not very well @ that.

The people who work there are more worried about texting and walking around with their earphones on and their hoodies up. The manager Chris (aka ***) needs to go back to management school so that he might be able to interact with the members and handle issues throughout the club rather than sitting behind his desk texting all night. The classes are becoming so crowded that it it actually dangerous in some classes. The club is either too hot or too cold and last week someone threw up on the stretching mats and they never disinfected the mats...they just wiped up the mess.

You can calll ahead to check on the status of a class only to be greated by a less than enthusiatic, uniformed staff member who will give you the WRONG information more times than not. Even the instructors say that the people @ the front desk don't know what is going on. Evidentally the lady who is in charge of the classes and the instructors is phantom...we can't really even find out her name.

As for finding out who actually ownes this club so that you might be able to speak with someone who would care, good luck! Save you your time....go somewhere else!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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You can't count on the jacuzzi working, but you can count on the mold in the showers.


interesting comments....bad grammar and spelling but I have heard the same....this person sounds a bit little pissed off


LAFitness in Holmdel is disgusting and gross. I took yoga there and pilates and there was dust on the floor.

The hot tub never works and its filthy! The instructors are awful and hold personal conversations about sex! Out loud! I was there last Tuesday and the "hot tub" was cold!

It was 20 degrees out! Are you kidding me?

Horrendous! Awful!


I have been a member of he LA Fitness Holmdel NJ for approximately 2 years... The manager at the time I joined was fired within a few weeks of my joining, obviously he lied and was doing shady things and that was the reason he was fired....Chris then became the manager and I was told my membership was done improperly and would have to be revised... Chris not only worked "with" me but "FOR" me, I had the other guy write my terms on my contract and Chris did everything in his power to make sure those terms were honored-and still looks out for his customers best interests!

As far as the staff, they are people and human they have good days and bad days just like everyone else...some could be nicer but such is life.

The club is fairly clean- again good days and bad, show me a perfect business with perfect employees that actually CARE and aren't there just for the paycheck, then complain!!

Great gym great people and great members who actually try to help each other..


I am a member of LA Fitness Holmdel, and the facility is not clean nor well run. There has been a door to the men's sauna broken for months.

The door's spring mechanism is broken, is extremely heavy and has closed on my hand twice, causing skin breakage, swelling, and pain. For several MONTHS the door was in that condition. Another time, the men's locker room needed cleaning, and there were no men to do it. So, a woman had to do it, closing the men's locker room.

Really? You can't find one of the many guys standing around to do a quick clean-up? The cleanliness is spotty, at best. Gross.

The pool area is often down, and the cleanliness and temperature of the jacuzzi is all over the place. The staff walks around real *** disinterested in providing courteous service, acting like they are the stuff.

I want to join a local gym nearer to me further south, but I signed on when LA Fitness first arrived on the scene, getting a good membership price. Upscale Holmdel deserves a better facility than this.




i am a member of LA fitness in homdel and i Love it. the staff is very friendly and easy-going and i havent seen anything dirty.

the janitors are constantly cleaning. everytime i am working out i see them on the floor from area to area picking up after people. you people need to realize us members are the ones who litter, dont sanatize the mcahines before or after we use them, and also seem to leave EVERYTHING (clothes,seat,food,water bottles, shoes etc) behind.i dont see how you complain about this gym being filthy when a. they clearly are cleaning constantly and b.

its so busy there it is kind of hard to keep up with the mess. let me just being one thing to your attention: IF THE GYM IS SO PACKED LIKE IT IS THAT MEANS MEMBERS ARE SATISFIED. i have gone to other gyms and the staff was not as friendly and i did not see the cleaning staff around at ALL. IF YOU HAVE IT OUT FOR SOMEONE WHO WORKS THERE BECAUSE YOU SOMEHOW HAVE PERSONAL ISSUES WITH THEM IT IS VERY IMMATURE OF YOU TO DOWNTALK THEIR CLUB.

like i said i am a member i am satisfied and i can also say the milllion people in and out of that gym constantly 7 days a week are as well. take your complaints to a club that deserves them because this isnt the one.


This review was written by Steve and Flo Georgalas. They are both extremely rude people and walk around as if they deserve to be king and queen.

Flo made up some nonsense about wiping up mats after someone for sick (without using disinfectant) and actually took time out of her day to write up cute little post it's and post one on every locker and door in the women's bathroom. Steve walks around telling everyone he is this top superior police officer yet walks around cursing and screaming at staff. Both are very disliked by members. However, it is super fun to watch them flip out and yell at employees and members.

Most of the time the lines that they come up with you have to really think about (because they almost make you feel like you have just become less intelligent).

The best is knowing this couple takes all the time out in there everyday lives to sit and complain and make up false accusations about LA Fitness in Holmdel. :)


I have a 25 year old nephew who left this gym because it was so dirty...if a 25 year old guy thinks it's dirty, I can't even imagine what's going on there


sounds like the majority of LA Fitness


The manager Chris is only friendly when you introduce a new member into the club. However, he LIES to get people signed up ASAP. If he promise ANYTHING as a perk make sure he write it down on the original contract.

Because my family and friends have introduce so many member into this club, he promised me "out of state access pass wheneverI need it, and told me it was an easy process whenever I need them. I have been hunting him down since I became a member, every time he goes "I have to print it out, next time you come in just come find me." Until one day, he said " out of state pass doesn't exist anymore." But he'll find other way to help me out.

After he comes back from his surgery, I asked him, now, he says "I told you you should've spent that extra money to get nationwide club access!" That was very INSULTING, the whole reason he promise me the out of state pass nationwide access for the price he told my dad changes when I come in that afternoon. and he didn't want to *** me off because then I might not join and my family and friends might not bring him any new members to this club.

So either he lied trying to get me in the club so he can lie his way to get me sign up, or the price really just changed within that few hours.

Anyway, it has been more than SIX month now. I still can't go to any out of states LA Fitness club.


I go to LA Fitness in Holmdel. Not all, but most staffs do hang around and present themselves in a careless and *** manner.

YES, once they get your money, it's whole different ball game

That's they'll say ANYTHING trying to get you to talk to them,

And once you are in, they high pressure game you to sign up whether or not the price if what they promised. There's not that many honest, customer service -oriented sales out there.

Just filter out what they say, and read the contract! That's the straight forward way to get your information. They can promise and say anything they want and get away with it if it's not on the contract!

Chris and the other guy told me the price for annual membership and then divide by 13 to show me the "monthly average". I asked them, is that price for 13 months? I thought a year is 12 months. He goes no, it's for 13 months. They must've think I'm easy to fooled or something, but I knew what kind of game they were playing, but I don't have time to teach them how to do basic arithmetics, nor do I have to time to argue the contract say ANNUAL, and ANNUAL means 12 mo. So STOP the BS!