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La Fitness in Mesa AZ is poorly managed and a disgrace. I have had nothing but, poor customer service from everyone to the Greeters/Secretaries at the front desk to the kids club employees up to the horrible management at their locations.

Both the Gilbert and Southern Location and the University and Stapley locations. In particular the management is by far the biggest disgrace of the company, whomever hired these people should be fired themselves. They are dismissive, passive and down right rude, lacking communication skills and loyalty to long time members. The kids club employees are underage females that sit around and chat with each other while bigger kids that have no business with younger kids bully them, punch, kick, trip and curse at the younger children all under the supervision of the kids club staff.

When anything is ever brought to their attention they blow it off and turn their back to you as if to say I dont get paid enough to listen to you or protect your child. When attempting to contact a Manager in particular Nick at the university location we were told he was busy working out and could only speak to the staff at the desk, this was apparantly a bald face lie. Long story short don't give these horrible people your money time or efforts.

They don't care and the management is egotistical and short sighted. Shame on you LA fitness Mesa AZ, your parents would be ashamed of you!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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Pissed Customer would like to know why you have the *** cold air on in the swim room plus the water is freezing cold you can not enjoy swimming i have told them time &time again but nothing has been done about it

I love to swim so do something about it or i will call the higher up


The LA Fitness at Stapley and University has proved to be a real disappointment. It is new, with great facilities- but the management and specifically, the cleanliness of the club are really lacking.

The club is less than a year old and is already looking pretty grimy.

Debris in some of the showers was left for weeks (literally). Floors in the shower and spa area are not cleaned.