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The Gym itself is an impressive facility and the hours are better than most gyms that I have experienced in my 13+ years of weight training. They have 2 trainers, Demetrius and James, that really know what they are doing. Most of the other trainers can be seen text messaging and relaxing WHILE training clients. There is even a European female trainer that hordes weights for herself while she is training and she will confront you if you tell her that she doesn't need to take 7 dumbbells off the weight rack for her client.

Matts are left on the stairwell which is a fire-code violation, 6-12 plates can be found on abandoned leg press machines from 7:00am-1030am every week day, dumbbells are left in all areas of the gym for days on end, 20-36 dumbbells are consistently absent from the racks...

I have begged the staff for over 10 months to require that the members and trainers to rack their weights. All to no avail. There is not 1 sign in the facility asking clients to return/rack weights. 2 weeks ago, I posted 4-5 signs throughout the gym asking members to rack the weights. I was confronted by an employee because of this. Instead of him being upset with the staff for it being necessary for a customer to post signs and repeatedly beg for them to follow proper gym etiquette, he decided to give me attitude.

Yesterday I asked Lauren (front desk girl) for his name because I am considering writing an article regarding the lack of gym etiquette. She responded with "I am going to revoke your membership".

I told her that was fine as long as she refunded my $200+ initiation fee. She said she wouldn't because I have been a very uncooperative member...

I have numerous photos of the conditions i speak of.

I am now considering a lawsuit.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

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LA Fitness in Norwalk is probably the worst gym I've been to. The equipment is okay, but if a machine breaks do not expect it to be fixed.

They have no concept of cleanliness considering the hand sanitizer dispensers go unfilled for days or even up to a week.

All of the employees are rude and arrogant, as though scanning gym membership cards is equivalent to holding high office.

I sent in my cancellation letter weeks before my next pay period and they still charged me. When I called to get help, one of the employees told me the account manager was working out and would call me back when he is done. You think I ever got a call? Absolutely not. The second time I called I spoke to another employee who proceeded to give me attitude and basically say that I was lying when I said I have sent my cancellation form in. I had to then call back another three times to have them finally cancel my account, and do you think I got a refund for the month I didn't even want to be signed up for? Nope. Instead they offered me a month at the gym, which I had already been charged for.

Overall, after all of the difficulties I had with this place, I will never give my money to such an irresponsible and unprofessional establishment again.


I've been a member there for few months.

The facility is nice, they have a decent amount of machines although in rush hours it gets crowded and you might have to wait in line to use some of them.

What is really poor is the staff - there is absolutely no shame in them. I have been called a liar in my face just because I complained about having to wait in line by a new employee which I have never seen there before! Not to mention the way they can distort and turn around the truth when it comes to cleanliness, availability of services and customer care in general. The only way I see this happening is because the manager allows the employees to do that and probably encourages such a behavior - an attitude like "you don't like it? well, get the *** out then!".

Not to mention the way they handle coupons and promotions - if you go there with one of their own coupons they'll start making up rules that are written nowhere and even become aggressive just to not give you what is in the coupon that they printed!!

This was unacceptable to me - if they don't care about my business fine, I brought it somewhere else where they seem to value it more.


I been to this LA fitness a few dozen times, it is actually one of the better ones. Except for the occasional group of 5 working out, using one machine or bench and taking up everything else to sit on nearby.

Try going to a planet fitness and you'll appreciate this gym a little more.

I was once doing shoulder presses on the smith machine at planet, while i was resting someone stripped off a 25 from the bar while i was sitting, i thought they took it off the rack. i go to do my set and one side felt a little lighter.....


Just got a bill notice in the mail, informing me that the sales tax would go up on my monthly dues. Thanks to the *** Democrats running this communist hellhole of a state, I am cancelling my membership.

This is not a knock on the Norwalk LA Fitness location - it's a very impressive facility with ok staff, but with the cost of living rising everywhere you look, something's gonna give and unfortunately that will be at the expense of LA Fitness. :roll


La fitness is a cheap club to join, but the management is poor. I've three times witnessed staff cleaning around the pool, hosing the mats and causing dirt, *** and debris from the mats right into the pool.

I confronted the staff member and they spoke to me in spanish looking lame and confused. Unlucky for them, I speak spanish and they quickly apologized.

I've complained to the front desk and have never gotten a response. Poor training and *** poor management is the problem


The best Racquetball in CT. Steve F. is there top guy.


I've been a member for a year. The place has good equipment, although it would be great to have TV's on some of the treadmills at the Wilton Y does.

The stations are alway the same three. Scheduling personal training sessions is a hassle and that part of the gym seems poorly organized. I've scheduled sessions more than once online and the trainer never knew about it. The classes, particularly the Bootcamp class with Layton are good and convenient.

Overall, I give the place a B/B-. Good equipment, convenient times, good classes...I go, I work out, I leave with relative ease.


LAF Member,

Just because "you dont care" dont expect others to feel the same way. The staff gets paid to provide a clean, safe environment all the time not just when they feel like it.

Please dont make excuses for poor management and employees. The trainers are the biggest culprits when it comes to leaving weights throughout the gym.

Would love to know the time of day that you see staff cleaning and putting away weights? FYI: Gym needs to be maintained all the time not just once a day.


I've been a member at this LAF for quite some time now, and while they definitely have staffing issues, it doesn't effect the workout I get because I don't care! I pay my dues, get my workout and leave.

Any gym with as many free weights and plates as they have is going to have to work hard to keep the place clean, and as members that is partly our responsibility too. If you trip on a weight, you're the *** who didn't look where you were going. If the 30lb dumbbells aren't in their slot, it's because some member who was lazy didn't put it back. If the bathroom is a mess, it's because people are pigs.

I see their staff cleaning and putting weights away, but 30min later their effort isn't obvious because of the carelessness of members (and no posted signs are going to change their actions).

No gym is perfect, anywhere... for the dues paid at this place and the amenities I get, I'll take the small inconveniences any day.


Earlier this week an employee was arrested at the Norwalk LA Fitness for RAPE in Maryland. He is twice convicted felon in Maryland for Armed robbery and AND assault with a deadly weapon.

So apparently if you are a felon, LA fitness will employ you, but if you complain about the cleanliness of the gym, you will get kicked out. :(


I have complained to management a number of times to no avail. Id be happy to join your lawsuit....


Basiccally, I think the gym is fine. I go there to workout and manage to do so even though (as cwbork44) pointed out, gym etiquette is sometimes lacking. It can be challenging just finding a weighted ball. They are rarely in the racks. In spite of this I manage to get a good workout. I guess it is about attitude as well. I have noticed lately that the gym staff attempts to put weights away which is a good thing.

My one suggestion is that the gym consider offering child care on Sundays. Many of the other gyms in the area do so (which I attend since weekends are prime times for me to workout given my children's schedules)and the sessions are packed.

I've raised the issue a number of times and was just told it will never happen. Oh well, at some point I will need to decide whether the convenience of going to LA Fitness (it is less than a mile away from me) outweighs better accommodations


Also what does the topic of the people complaining on the internet have to do with anything? (Yes I'm talking to you "tim") This is not relevant at all; you're just contradicting yourself.

I do agree at this point I think the gym is fine, but this guy has a right to complain and to say whatever the *** he wants. Back off.


Although yes this guy sounds a bit *** about the dumbbells, but he still reserves the right to complain about conditions in the gym, especially if he's paying for the access there. I personally enjoy the gym, and am fortunate enough to have a serious trainer (James) and have not yet seen some of the complaints on the internet about L.A.

Fitness (Although I have seen dumbbells around, but Im not a *** who would trip on them anyway).

If this is how they handle complaints, they obviously have no idea of customer service. I have just started working out here though, so we'll see where this all goes.


Tim: It sounds like you dont know how to look up a phone number or what this site is for. You might not agree how cwbork44 handle the problems but everything he said is true.

As a paying customer he has a right to complain about the issue at the gym and they have an obligation to fix them. By insulting him over the internet you come across as a "keyboard cowboy". I feel sorry for the students that have to listen to your bs. It a shame that LA Fitness chooses to let the Norwalk location be run by people who dont seem to care.

The corporate office should hire a staff that wants to work and keep a clean,organized environment for the PAYING members. The current staff just sits around all day chatting.


I went over the head of the operations manager, Sarah Kraft at my LA Fitness in Seattle and complained to corporate. She took me to court to try to get an antiharrassment order against me.

She thought going over her head was harrassment.

The company actually paid money to hire an attorney to help her. The judge dismissed the case and told her that customer complaints were part of her customer service job and "deal with it".


Tim sounds like he works for LA Fitness. He is doing what he is criticizing you for.

If his life is so full why is he spending time reponding to you. CWbork44 the email for the CEO/owner is


Tim, you seem to have quite a bit of time on your hands to have yourself "heard" on the internet. Maybe the trainer that tripped over the weights on the floor and blew out his knee would disagree with you...maybe.

I'm sure you'll have enough time for a witty retort about how you and the 50 members don't care about it.


wow, people take the time to write in a complaint about a gym and its dumbbells not stacked appropriately, pretty entertaining - and i thought my students spent too much time on the computer - i logged on to get the phone number, and saw these complaints which reinforce the notion that computers have given too many people an opportunity to be heard on piccune subjects, which is sad- - seriously, people like you should do the following: 1- work out at home 2- stop thinking everyone cares about your tedious complaints 3- stop being so lawsuit-happy 4- life is short, stop thinking that people care about you and your lame effort to get even with someone because they were rude to you... Bottom line, most normal people don't really care.

Should the employee be rude?

of course not, but who cares - the computer and blogs have given people like you too much space to express your opinions, and honestly, most people don't care. try to occupy your time volunteering, or reading, or something more productive - i'm not johnny bodybuilder which you've portrayed yourself to be, but i think the gym is fine, and so do the other 50 or so people who are members there - this must mean something - think about it.....


Thanks for the information. I am new to the area, and looking for a gym.

I will NOT go here. It is about time that poor service is documented and the consequences are felt. Note to upper management: You cannot hide bad behavior anymore now that we have internet information sharing. I work for a company that has AMAZING customer reviews on yelp.

My team is very proud of that. How about you?

Fully refund this guy, and get your act together. Power to the customer.