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I joined LA Fitness in White Marsh, MD (where Bally's used to be), because I wanted to get in shape and be healthier, but I didn't trust myself to go it alone (I was afraid I might hurt myself) so I got a personal trainer.

I wanted to see the trainer 3 times/week for the first 2 months to really help get me motivated, but then scale it back to just once a week, as I knew the long term cost would become too high. I made this perfectly clear when I signed up, and was led to believe it wouldn't be a problem. In my euphoric "I'm finally gonna get in shape...yay me" high, I signed the 3 page long contract under the impression that I was agreeing to a year long contract with the trainer with the ability to AT WILL, change the FREQUENCY of visits without hassle.

Long story short...I went hard for the first couple of months, but ultimately wanted to come less (as I said I would be doing) and was met with what has become a complete nightmare!

Apparently I CAN'T change the frequency of P.T. sessions (despite being led to believe I could) and will be billed for 3 sessions a week for the next 10 months!!!

I tried to reason with them, "look, this is clearly a misunderstanding...let's just straighten this out, I still want to come just not 3 times/week..." You would think that a corporate company such as LA Fitness would rather have a happy, satisfied customer who pays her monthly membership and pays for a trainer at least once a week instead of an angry customer who doesn't want to come at all and pay them NOTHING.

I had to cancel my card to prevent these charges that I can neither afford, nor agreed to. I'm sure LA Fitness will waste no time sending this to collections, and my credit (which I have diligently kept flawless for my whole life) will be ruined.

The complete lack of cooperation or compassion or overall willingness to do right by their members is truly disturbing. I have never felt so trapped or helpless. Every attempt to mediate was met with "sorry, there's nothing we can do." If this company cared AT ALL...there is ALWAYS something that can be done.

After all of this happened, I started to really look at the negative feedback about this so called "gym" which I'm not convinced isn't anything more that a massive scam. This same situation seems to run rampant throughout the country, which makes me think that a class action lawsuit is most definitely in order.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Reading is FUNDAMENTAL. Try it next time and you will know what is in the contract next time. Hopefully the contract doesn't say you have to jump off a cliff?