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LA Fitness is ripping off their current members. They are taking new members from the recently closed Cardinal Fitness in Indianapolis and giving them the price they paid there($20 a month or less).

That is 60%less than what most members pay($35) and half of some.

The clubs will probably get dirtier too. They had at best marginal cleaning/maintenance and with all the new people it should only get worse.

They have excessive amounts of people trying to sell memberships and training while it recently took them 2 plus weeks to change a light bulb in the sauna(Greenwood).

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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the "transfer" of Cardinal to LA has been nothing short of a disaster all over the Indy area..


Same problem at West Carmel location. Some of the Cardinal transfers are paying $12/month.

I ask about lowering my monthly payment and was told no way-and that Cardinal had approached LA Fitness about taking on its members. The ex-manager from the cardinal on Michigan Road is now working at LA Fitness in West Carmel.

I cancelled my membership as a result.

This facility was close to overcrowded before the acquisition of Cardinal and will only get worse in terms of use and user.