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LA Fitness Lake Grove NY hires ex-convicts. If you know names of trainers / managers, just enter each one in the internet search.

If you have a hit, you will know right away because a NY Times article written in 1992 will appear, plus the ***'s personal web page. Or should I just provide the name of the ex-*** who works at LA Fitness Lake Grove NY in my next post? It just so happens another post of similar title has been blocked.

Someone clearly does not want this information to spread around Smithtown NY. Members of LA Fitness need to know and have a right to know the background of trainers / managers, especially if anyone has a criminal background.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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what were they arrested for and how do u know the club doesn't know? maybe the members deserve to know more than the club!


Who cares they make the best trainers


Well apparently they don't check people out ... There's a trainer in the

La fitness in farmingdale that used to be a gym teacher and

Let go bc he was inapporiate with a student in his high school gym class and

Now is working with women and young girls training them ... And acting inappropriately with them !!!!

Just google ppl !!!!


:( it's true


i think people should take into consideration people do change and some of the most loyal people i know have been in the "dumps". they appreciate life to a degree normal people dont understand. there is a place in my heart for everyone that is willing to admit when they were wrong and do the right thing..


To Jon who wrote on 1/17/11...Go see the new Operations Manager Paul. I am quite sure he will change you're mind about the club.

He has never made a promise he has not followed through with. I think you will see big changes.


I am so fortunate for articles like this and everything it has done to help people from across the world! I think everybody deserves a second chance.

I had a cousin one time who had drug problems but was able to recover and now he’s just fine! Convicts are still people too and some people truly do change! I’m glad all of the shows are giving people second chances. I just saw a commercial for that cool game show “Minute To Win It” on NBC where they’re doing a second chance show as well!

I think it’s on this Wednesday January 26 at like 8/7c!

I know where I’ll be! WE ARE ALL SO BLESSED!


finally some truth about this place..heres a lil something i would like to add

I have been going to this gym for over a year now and every month it progressivly gets worse. I have tried talking to management but they just blow you off and say call corporate. I would stay away from this gym at all costs. I signed up paying $60 a month expecting the best of the best and honestly i should of went elsewhere. Here are just some of the problems i have run into in the last week alone. The hot water was broken, heat wasnt working one day, dirty locker rooms, way to busy where you have to wait an 20 minutes just to get on a machine and the worst of all, they seriously have about 4 attachments for all of the cable machines combined. There is no ez curl bar and no duplicates of anything so if anyone is using the straight bar or rope then you wait for 20 minutes until its free. Your making hand over fist LA fitness buy some more attachments, im usre you can afford it. Stay away from this gym everyone and go elsewhere like i should have done

ps go try and talk to the head trainer or manager...ill let you in on a secret, hes a convicted felon


Everything is not for everybody and La Fitness is not for you. Happy to see you leave!!

Kudos to them for giving people a chance. Im 99% sure he could not have been a sex offender being there is a kids club there.

NYS DMV hotline has inmates taking you calls. Should we stop buying Martha Stewarts products also.


When you go to jail you pay your debt to society I suppose the smithtown area is to good for this. The only thing you made clear about smith town is they are nothing but stuck up to good for everyone else people.

And in smith town they have the highest rate of heroin use because they go in mommy and daddies pocket and sniff and shoot all they can. How about you get off that high hoarse and see all the high ones around you smith town is deffinetly to good for a convict trying to earn a honest living.


I totally agree with you. What is wrong in giving someone a fresh start and another chance?

Maybe these people reformed and now want to be productive citizens.

More people need to have your attitude. You are a good (and wise) person!


This guy should not be in Smithtown area. He should stay in his "hood' with his 'bros'. Workout in the park instead of in my gym.


i think they pay cons less than market, plus there is a state tax benefit.


Hey don''t worry your La Fitness isn't the only one hiring them the one I go to in Pa does too!


LA Fitness will now be my gym since they are willing to give someone a second chance in life! Glad to know there are more places than MY OWN BUSINESS that will help and x-***!!

My employees that have a record are the most loyal and hardest working of my employees!! ONE OF THEM WAS A DRUG DEALER!!! He turned his life around!! how do i know?

because he shows up early and comes to work anytime i need him and has for 5yrs!!!

Dont discount someones integrity until you know their situation! I hire felons on a case by case basis and yes they have to prove themselves but i give them the chance they need to succeed and get past their past and on to a better future!


Wow what a shallow minded person you are!!! People like you are what keep crime going!!

WHO CARES THAT SOMEONE HAS A PAST!!! Are they supposed to pay for their mistakes the rest of their life? So lets just throw them all out on the streets and refuse to give them work then you get pissed cause your taxes go up more your insurance goes up and prices at grocery stores go up BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO COMMIT CRIMES JUST TO EAT!!!! Stop being such a snob!!

How many red lights have YOU run? How many times have YOU gone over the speed limit? One crime is as bad as another unless they are rapists or murderers and even then why were they convicted?

Think before you open your mouth Akra!! And the next time you go out for cocktails with your friends remember when you get behind the wheel YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW TOOOOO!