Gilbert, Arizona
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We recently move to Arizona. While looking for a gym we visited the LA Fitness in Laveen, AZ to which we show up with a 7 days pass and the motivation to be a member of the best health club in the area.

To our surprise the facility was outstanding but the sale person practices were disappointing. 1st, he stated that they don't like to grant the 7 day pass to anybody and that the coupon was only use to bring people to the gym. 2nd, he seen to dislike out of shape people (base on his own words/comments). 3rd he was extremely aggressive with his sale/close deal practices to the point that we almost walk away.

Last, a week later the same sale person call me to tell me that even though he knew that we will probably never join LA Fitness that if at least I could help him by stopping by to fill out the application and paying for at least one year because it was close to the end of the month and he has not sale any subscription… Wow! He just let us speechless with the request.

Anyway, at the end we could not commit to a gym that allow this type of practices. We continue our search of a gym that value and respect his members.

If anybody knows any good health club in the Laveen area please let me know. I need a family membership.

Thanks! N.A.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Facility.

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