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Please save yourself the trouble and stay away from the personal training program at the LA Fitness in Leesburg, VA. Do NOT let Karl, the lead personal trainer, deceive you!

They use aggressive sales to get you to try their personal training program which they say you can stop at any time. However, they never tell you that they are really signing you up for a 12 month contract that requires you to pay 50% of the total price in order to cancel.

They lock you into this contract by using your electronic signature from anything you signed (e.g. you think you're signing the electronic digital signature pad for your credit card purchase for one month of training, but they are really using the signature as your approval for a 12 month contract).

Of course, they never tell you any of this and never give you a copy of the contract because they don't want you knowing that you actually signed a contract. It is very deceptive.

And, don't expect any assistance from the operations manager Jocelyn. After having this happen to me, I searched the internet and found that it is a common practice with the personal training program at LA Fitness.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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Same Issues! What a sham that has continued on into 2014! I should've read the comment before.


Same story here!!


it should be also mentioned though that there are at least two serious personal trainers. One tall younger lady (full of tatoos) and one gentleman maybe in his late 40's/early 50's.

They both are very dedicated and pay close attention to their clients. They seem very professional, unlike any of the other trainers.


I can echo all of the above. I spend a lot of time per week there.

The fitness staff is the most conceited, unprofessional and unmotivated bunch I have ever witnessed. They seem to not care an iota about their clientel. They either carry around a drink, or text, or talk over the phone. Two of them would constantly wear headphones while training his clients.

I have witnessed instances where the personal trainer would yawn in the face of a client, they constantly walk away and engage in conversations with their friends while training clients, and are in general just a disgrace. I am embarrassed by that bunch - most of all the head of personal training Carl - and can not fathom how corporate LA Fitness does not do anything about it.

It is a great gym with a very good activity program. It is a shame that the personal training section drags the reputation for the club in the dirt.

@pitiful most unmotivated bunch

:upset leaders lead by example look at ur body thats why u are mad jeaolusy is sickness of the heart


I am a member of LA Fitness in Leesburg and all I can say is what a terrible terrible experience. I'm a college student so when I'm home I'm not in the area for too long, however I wanted to join LA Fitness while I'm home for a semester long internship before I went back to school.

I signed up for the regular membership and all was fine until Carl would NOT leave me alone about signing up for personal training sessions (mind you he kept coming up to me while I would be working out). I decided to sit down with him one day to go over rates and I decided I'd sign up for THREE MONTHS worth of training. Not 5 not 6 not 12 months but 3 months. Carl also told me that if I wanted to cancel anytime during the three months there wouldn't be a cancellation fee so I figured it was the same policy as the membership cancellation.

Not that my moving date is approaching and I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be charged again I find out Mr. Carl signed me up for 12 months. This is so unethical, crooked and dirty. Now I'm trying to call corporate to figure out what I can do now that I find out I have to buy out 50% of what is left on my balance.

RIDICULOUS. Oh and by the way Carl is no longer there, they replaced him with an even more of a snake who is ridiculously rude.

I'm so fed up and I will never ever ever give LA Fitness business again. Good Riddens.


ask urself if u are200 or better how long did it take to get that way not overnight and here we are 4 months and what is ur weight sowho was right it takes about a year togaind 10lbs of lean muscle :grin :grin


At the beginning of the summer, my daughter and a girlfriend decided to join a gym for the summer while home from college. Unfortunately, they decided on LA Fitness in Leesburg, VA They were told that a membership for the summer was $79.99 from the beginning of June until August 10th. They visited the gym regularly and were approached by the manager/personal trainer Carl Mitchell. Carl suggested that the girls might enjoy some personal training sessions with him and told them that they could pay $120 for 8 sessions to be used at any time before the end of summer when they both would be going back to school. They did sign electronic pin pads for both of these transactions, but were never shown a contract (I know, not smart, but they are young - they've learned their lesson). Unfortunately, they were trusting and were not given anything to review.

When she accessed her account around at the beginning of August her debit account was debited $39.99 three times and $244.00 two times. At that point, she immediately contacted the Leesburg, VA LA Fitness and was told that the $39.99 for the fitness club dues and the $244 was for the personal training and was also told that she had a 12 month contract for both. She was also told that the $244 per month for the "personal training" was for her and her friend. They were charging her for her personal training and her friends. She immediately began texting Carl?. Carl did return her text messages several days later and told her "don't worry about it - I've taken care of it," but when she contacted the office, she was told her account was "frozen" not canceled and that they would need to discuss her account with Carl?. She tried to call several times was continually told they needed to speak to Carl,. No one would return her calls:. She is busy with school and not able to get anyone to return her calls, so I intervened and called LA Fitness and spoke to a Allison K/. who assured me that the club membership would be canceled (it was, she got an email confirmation) but that she would have to speak to Carl and her corporate office and would be back in touch with me the next day". I called Allison and spoke to her and she said she was “working with corporate” but that my daughter does have a contract and a copy had been emailed to her,.

While I don’t expect a refund and suspect that they will try to get the "cancelation" fee of $1000 (they will never get that, but will probably try to ruin her credit), I want to be sure that everyone out there is warned to not let this happen to them". THIS HEALTH CLUB SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN BECAUSE THEY ARE CROOKS! 2a37e41


:cry obessity is a problem 1 monthis just the begining if a child is overweight as is her parents just rember it;s the parents job to encourage the child not to complain about a 120 for self esteem is priceless


I have been reading numerous boards about the trainers at LA Fitness in Leesburg. Especially, Karl/Carl.

I am a regular there and also know this individual. I stay very clear from him as I have seen him prey on women and new members that seem new to the gym scene.

Why would the management continue to employ Karl with so many complaints? I am writing this in order to give LA Fitness some more feedback.

I really love going to LA Fitness because all my girlfriends go and we enjoy the group classes. I also like meeting new members. However, if Karl is hindering the business and I start losing friends to other gyms because of Karl I will surely cancel my membership. Please LA Fitness management get a handle on Karl before it is too late.

Finally, for anyone new you cant miss him.

He is an overweight and unattractive trainer. He looks like Jabba the Hut!!


first of all u dont even know this guy he wrks withtheredskins and has been feature int thewashington times and on nbc u just couldnt afford it dont be a hater


Karl the trainer grabs his crotch area and made me feel unComfortable Had to drop my year long training session.

@Upset customer

people in gym sweat and why are u looking mj grabs his :cry


During the month of Dec and Jan I witnessed a prayer group on the raquetball court located inside the LA Fitness, Leesburg Virginia. During this time I witnessed Karl, one of the managers lying on a carpet with 3 other individuals praying. This brought the atttention to numerous members as one stated that she would be bringing a complaint to the General Manager Chris the next morning.


why would u care about people getting closer to god you are a devil in disguise rember we live in america.


I have been a member of LA Fitness for a little over a year in Leesburg Virginia. I unfortunately have had the opportunity to witness Carl (Personal Trainer)singing, dancing, and grabbing his "private parts" while training female members in the club.

I contacted the Corporate Offices and advised them of what I observed. Please be very careful dealing with this individual...

@Brett M.

:( corporate told u its a gym men sweat and why are u looking at another man in that fashion u need help


HORRIFIC...stay away at all costs. They lie, cheat and literally STEAL.

My wife and I signed up for membership and for my wife to work with a personal trainer. The trainer signed us up with two sessions a week for the price of one and would waive the sign up fee of $99. We went with it cause it seemed like a great deal so we paid for the first month and two days later, they charged my card again for the first month and the sign up fee that was supposed to be waived. I called the rep who signed us up and he gave me a lame excuse that the computer system went in later that night and automatically rejected the great deal he gave me and that it charged it again with the set up fee.

They were supposedly returning the funds the next day...however, a week later after 10 calls from me, all they returned was the one month and never returned the $99 set up fee. Since then, my wife, who is supposed to get two sessions a week, has literally worked with a trainer 3 times in the past 60 days. Either the trainer is training two other people at the same time and he just gives her instructions on something and then comes back 45 minutes later to see how she did...IS THAT PERSONAL TRAINING???? Or more often then not the trainers are "sick".

I'm sorry, unless this place shares a building with the infectious disease center then there is no way that many people can be sick that often...more likely, they are poorly managed, inconsiderate and not responsible and just blow off their scheduled appts. This morning is the 3 or 4th time in a row that she showed up and the trainer was "sick"...btw, its not like its the same trainer each time. No one ever calls to let her know and they don't get her an alternate trainer. This has been the biggest waste of money and time and it couldn't be more discouraging for my wife.

The facilities are pretty decent and they have a lot of options for things to do...but its all jammed into too small a place. You may save some money up front...but in the long run...the lack of value makes this the most expensive gym in Leesburg.


Karl is a snake! I went in to "straighten things out" since he took advantage of my 19-year old daughter when she signed up for some personal training sessions.

He input her email address incorrectly so she never got the contract to review & cancel in 3 days if she so desired. He tried to change the subject & I told him off. I just got louder & louder. He is a snake.

For that matter the whole operation is only there to make, no TAKE, your money. They continue to debit your credit or debit card after your account is paid. They are very adept at passing the buck.


@Judy Blueyes

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