Detroit, Michigan

Where I work, a colleauge gave 2 free weekly passes to try out a Southfiled, MI LA Fitness center. I go the facility, speak with a rep, Billy, who I was told is a member of my church here so I thought I could trust this guy.

All I wanted to do was try the gym for two weeks, like I said to Billy at the onset. So instead, he quickly takes me on a tour of the place, while spurting out gospel quotes like, "you need to get yourself together first and "God wants you to improve yourself" and so on.

At the end of the tour, I noticed Billy took away the passes and started talking about membership and how much was this and that, My trust level was so high that I gave him my credit card info. HUGE MISTAKE. I thought I was dealing with a fellow church member who would look out for my best interests; he wouldnt deceive me right?

I thought about it for 3 days and decided not to take membership. I sent a text to Billy, after all he told me to let him know what I'm going to do, I texted that I wanted to cancel. 3 weeks later, I discovered my checking account was debeted for $270! I fought through repeated calls to their "corporate office" to expidite refund for over eight hours!!

After threatening legal action, they finally said they would refund the charges back on my card in 3 to 5 business days.

The kicker to all this is, LA fitness debited the money I was to pay for rent. Now I have to appeal being evicted from my apartment because of those sleaze bags at LA fitness.


Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $280.

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Never give your credit card info for automatic payment. Tell the business you have no credit cards, you don't believe in them, you will pay by chack or cash every month.

If they insist on a card ask them 'Is my money not good here?' If they still insist on a card then get up and walk out. :)


This is a little ridiculous. You gave him your credit card information, he didn't force it from you or steal it from you.

By your own admission you stated you sent him a text to cancel, which means you knew you signed up, which means you knew you were paying something. Also, why would you sign up with the money you needed for your rent. Why would you give your card if you didn't have a dollar to spare? And lastly, who evicts someone for being a few days late on their rent?

Obviously you have problems. You did have poor judgement, but that would be the case with or with LA Fitness.


Because we all know you can trust folks who are church goers.....right? S-I-M-P-L-E They saw you coming before you even hit the door!