Mokena, Illinois
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I signed up with my fiance for LA Fitness in early May. I got the fireman's discount and didn't have to pay a sign up fee, BUT I did end up signing my life away! I ended up with a personal trainer! The finagled me into 2 times a week at 30 dollars per session. I haven't even used it yet and I'm being billed. I wanted to cancel my PRO RESULTS membership and the lady on the phone was so ignorant I just couldn't take it and hung up on her!

I'm so angry with LA FITNESS and how they manage their company that if i could go back a few months and NEVER sign up I would.

The worst part about the whole thing is the trainer who signed me up, played off my wedding. by saying "oh wouldn't you look amazing in your wedding gown looking all skinny!"

STAY AWAY! And don't let them play off your personal life!! Don't sign up!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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You should have read your contract. It says right on it that you will be billed monthly, whether you use it or not. Quit whining and take responsibility for your life.


I don't know how you can end up with a personal trainer if you didnt want it. They asked me and I said no.

They asked again, I said no again. When they asked a third time , I was very to the point... I told them NOT to ask me again and they didn't. If you end up with a service you don't want, maybe you need to learn how to be a little bit more assertive...

Like Nancy Reagan used to say... "Just Say NO!"


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OMG, i had a trainer make a comment about my gut.. i guess that was suppose to motive me but it didnt.

i eventully canceld my account not because of him but because of how a manager disrespected me. THEY SUCK