Dallas, Texas

My wife purchased a 1 year contract for 8 one-half Personal Training sessions per month at the rate of $320/mo. That is $80.

PER HOUR!!!!!!!!! Very little of which actually goes to the trainer. LA Fitness cannot keep trainers. I went through 4 of them in 3 months.

Two left to go to other gyms, one could not speak with his supervisor and left, the 4th just didn't show up for my second sessin. Finally, I just gave up. After my year was over THEY CONTINUED TO DEBIT MY WIFE'S CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!!!!!! They said I knew it went to monthly.

THEY REFUSED TO REFUND MY $960!!!!!!!!!!! She said she was trying TO HELP ME! I asked how she was helping me and she said she was explaining it to me.

I asked her how that helped me and asked to speak with her supervisor. She said she was the supervisor and HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

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I just experienced the same thing dude! They are cheaters!


They r thugs using deceptive technique. Just went through that!!!!


I hate to admit it but that has happened to me and it frustrates me a lot but it is my own fault. Somethings really are in plain english and it just takes us a second or two to read through the contract to see for ourselves.




They don't do a very good job of explaining a contract like a professional organization should. It happened to me too.

Also I thought I was getting close to 1 hour sessions not 30 min (I was use to the 24 hour 45 min sessions). At $90 per hour rate it is absolutely RIDICULOUS.

I have my degree in exercise science and my trainer telling me to do pull ups and dips is not worth that kind of money. (I am currently trying to find a trainer there that is more worth my time to just finish out what I have paid for unwillingly) It's all a bunch of smoke and mirrors if you ask me and yes, I fell for it, and that is my fault but come on, I would have been a great client for a long time and they were willing to do NOTHING just had the who gives a *** attituce.


It actually is your fault.

If you read your contract it actually states that you understand that after your initial term of 12 months your contract will convert to a month to month program unless you voluntarily cancel before this, this is also stated not only on the check list that comes with your copy of the contract but is actually written on the signature pad right above the dotted line that you signed.

If you don't read legally binding contracts before you sign them you don't deserve your money back.