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This notice is posted at our local club and it says it is corporate policy. If you abide by it then you are not allowed to open the door at any time to enter rooms. The issue is that they value their defective doors more than their paying members. Bellow follows the note posted on the door. It is in very bold letters and fills the page::

All Studio Doors Must Remain

Closed At ALL Times.

Doors Propped Open Have

Already Broken Two Doors and Will No

Longer Be Tolerated. If Anyone Wants The

Classroom Cooler The Lights Will Need To

Be Turned On. These Are Corporate

Policies And We All Must Comply With Them.

Thank You For The Your Support. If There

Are Any Questions Please Feel Free To

Speak To The Management Team.

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Perhaps you should speak to management to clarify as context is lost on you.

The notice is requesting that you do not prop the doors open.


What it it says is that the club does not allow the doors to be propped open. This is ***. Learn to read.

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