Cleveland, Ohio

I've been a member of this club for several years now and it's been drastically declining over the past year. The customer service and the management at Legacy Village have done nothing to address mine and everyone else's concerns. All they do is provide fake promises... Please see a giant laundry list below of all the things that are broken at this place... My contract is due to expire in several months and I am honestly struggling to find reasons on why I should return to this place

1. The steam room has been broken for over a year! It was fixed for a week and then broke again

2. The pool has been shut down for three weeks

3. Half the cardio equipment has broken tv's

4. The sanitizer dispensers do not work throughout the whole gym

5. There is broken tile and mold everyone in the shower stalls, it's absolutely disgusting to try to show in those bacteria traps

6. The hand dryer has been broken for over a year

7. The sauna has nails sticking out of the wood and several 2x4 that are held by plastic ties

8. When equipment breaks down it takes weeks to get anything fixed

9. The general upkeep in the men's locker is really bad and disgusting

10. There are two water fountains in the entire gym and one of them was broke for over 6 months and finally got fixed by some miracle.

11. There is broken tile throughout the gym

All that the managers or "people in charge" do is print out signs that say things are broken and service has been ordered, but nothing ever gets fixed. It's ridiculous that a supposed "high end" club has declined so bad over the past year and someone needs to know about it and do something!

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