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A while back I was practicing an African dance in the bathroom after a cycling class, when this lady walked up to me and asked me what type of dance that was. I explained to her it's an African dance I do to sweat before lifting weights.

She said she likes the dance, and asked me to teach her sometime. She also asked me if there was any African clubs, around where people do the dance. We got in a conversation, in which she asked me to take her out, and teach her my African culture. At first, the conversation seem like a normal girls conversation, until I told her she can join my girls when we go out but she said "oh I meant you and me, I will like to get to know you".

Her response was not very clear to me, so I asked her "you mean on a date". She said yes. I wasn't sure of her intention, so I was straightforward in my respond to her that I am happily married with kids. It was a weird response from me, but I wanted to be clear.

Judging from a reaction to my response, I know I was right by giving her that response because she quickly said "OK" and rushed off. I felt weird since my husband works out in the same gym, but I let it go and never really discussed it until now. I realized now that Valerie H, the General Manager at the LA fitness, Snellville; the lady I had this encounter with never let this go. Frankly, I don't understand why.

Since this incident, she has been my worst nightmare every time I worked out at the gym. She walked up to me while I was lifting weights to tell me she has been observing me take too long on the equipment, and asked me to move from the machine. It didn't really bother me. But then she kept on; it was one situation over the other.

She kept walking to me all the time with one complain over the other. She complained to me that my kids are jumping on some toys, so she will revoke the kids membership if that continues. There was also the complain about how I needed to be 10 mins early to pick my kids up, when the kids club close. This might have been place on my file because everything I check-in at the gym, the person at the front desk will tell me this.

It was so bad and embarrassing every time I came to the gym with my friends to workout. There was also the incident about my son being alienated from playing, because they thought my son has a sickness. I walk up there to see my son crying. I explained to her and even insisted on getting my son's doctors report if I needed to.

That today, I felt so bad for my 6 year old who had nothing to do with whatever issue this woman had with me. There was also the incident when she walk up to me again, when I was practicing my dance and informed me that it against LA fitness regulation to do that kind of dance and offered for me to join the Zumba class. At this point, I fully understood what was happening, and I kept telling myself she will get over it and stop. But it never stop.

Another incident occurred when she yell out my billing information at the front desk because our card information was outdated. I felt so embarrassed and quickly called my husband to update the card. Every time I saw her at the gym, I knew she will have a problem with something I do. Yesterday, I was meeting my children at the front desk, as my husband brought them in, when Valerie called my middle son, my 4 year old.

My son didn't want to go. She said to my son "you finally did your hair". My son finally walk up to her, and she asked "who did that hair"? From her reaction, she seem as if the braids was ugly to her.

I walked away. Today, I was working out with my usual workout buddies, when Valarie and another employee walked by. She did that twice and then walk up to us to tell my girlfriends they can't video. They seemed confused because they were not taking any videos.

I was finishing up my sets, and she yelled "am waiting to talk to you". She informed me that she has been observing me coach my friends and revoked my membership. I called out to my friends, to explain to her that we were working out together. She yelled "I am dealing with you not them".

She also informed me that the VP also observed me coaching my friends, but when I asked for the VP's number; she quickly change her story. I don't really care about my membership because what this woman put me through, took away my interest from going to that gym frequently, so I started running at home and going to a different gym to avoid her. However, what she did to me was wrong, and I want the world to know this, so she doesn't use her power at the job to continue to sexually discriminate against others.

I believe she will do this to another women just because she can get away with it. It not fair, and it's not right...........

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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