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To Mr. J.T.

District Manager L.A. Fitness San Gabriel Valley

Dear Sir,

I spoke with Jonathan the general manager of LA Fitness in Glendora, CA. on Grand Ave. on or about Sunday March 11th.

I went in to the club interested in renewing my membership that I had for a few years. During our conversation Jonathan showed me 2 plans. One was a national plan at 149 down and 29 dollars a month. The other was a California only plan at 249 down and 19 dollars a month. I mentioned that during my membership I had tried several times while running a busy schedule to freeze my account. It wasn't offered at that time, I was only able to cancel my account by calling corporate and sending in a statement of cancellation. I didn't want to lose the initial fee I put down so as to put another down in the future so i held the account active for the next two years while using it maybe a handful of times.

Jonathan said that he could re-activate my old account at 35 dollars a month if I pay the first and last month. I exclaimed that if the corporation offers a 29 dollar a month National plan why would I pay 35 dollars a month? And the same logic toward the 19 dollar a month for California only, why after paying all those years do I need to pay an initiation fee now when a freeze is offered today where I was forced to pay for 2 years to hold my account from canceling.

Jonathan said that he would talk to you the next day and see if there was anything he could do for me. In the meantime he gave me a two day pass and emailed me a two week pass. I am only able to come in at opening in the morning. He asked if I could come in to meet with you that night, Monday the 12th of March. I agreed to try, but my schedule is very hectic. I was not able to show up and did not receive the email from the day prior. After the two days lapsed i had to talk the receptionist into giving me another day and to please give my email to Jonathan again to resend the two week pass he failed to do that he wrote and typed in on a screen in front of me. I did not receive an email again from Jonathan. I went online and applied for a three day pass for the time being.

Thursday night, March 15th 2012, Jonathan had left me voicemail stating some incredible plan deals available only today until 10:00pm. It was now 9:30pm. I called to inquire if Jonathan had talked to you at all, or if he had emailed a two week pass at all. He apologized then asked if I could come in. It's late for one, and so i asked if he could just tell me the deal. He said he could give me my old plan, Notice he said "My old Plan", for first and last then 30 dollars a month. I asked if that would be a National plan and he said no it is for California Only. Notice the original deal back on the 11th is 19 dollars a month for California. Notice also that he said "My old Plan" which in fact was National. I asked him to explain these contradictions and he said exasperated, that he can't just make up plans. Then i asked if he in fact talked to you at all on Monday the 12th and he said No because he thought I was coming in that night. But in fact if I were to have come in that night I would have been of the influence that some conversation on working something out with me or not had been preliminarily talked about ahead of time and then we would have met. Jonathan tried to make me feel guilty for not showing up' even though I said I would Try. I told him that I was very, very busy with courts and lawyers and many private matters going on in my life right now, and it's very hard for me to commit on a time to meet anyone at a certain time and day, I have to play it by ear. He flippantly retorted that everyone is very busy and he hears that from a lot of people. I hung up.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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