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LA Fitness has a new rule that you must have your membership card to keep your scheduled appointment with your personal trainer. If you do not have the card in your possession then you cannot keep your appointment and you forfeit the appointment because of the 24 hour cancellation rule.

They will not take your picture ID in lieu of the membership card. They give you one keychain card and if you happen not to have it then forget it. I keep mine on my keychain, one day I drove a different car and forgot I didn't have the membership card until I arrived at the gym. I got angry and they rescheduled my appointment without penalty.

Well it happened again 2 weeks later, this time they wouldn't reschedule the appointment because they "did it once already for me and because they told me about the rule last time they wouldn't do it again". I've been paying $40 a week for 2 years for a personal trainer. It's not like I'm try to cheat the gym out of some money. It's not like they don't know me.

It's not like they don't have my picture online. It's not like my scheduled appointment is not in the computer. I just forgot to bring the card with me to the gym. They wouldn't take my drivers license as proof to who I was.

I asked if this is they way they wanted to treat a long time member who is also paying extra for a trainer. They said yes. It's like the adults left some robot children in charge and told to follow the rules or else they will be grounded. And to add insult to injury, I forgot to validate my parking so I had to pay for the parking as well.


I've been happy with my membership at LA Fitness until now. Now I have to decide if it is worth being treated like this for the very competitive prices or go someplace else and pay a little more and be treated like a human being.

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I've had this problem before too, and it's total ***. They just have a loophole in their system for them to make extra money for people who forget their cards.

It's either you pay the few extra bucks for a new card or forfeit the $40 personal session.

It made me so pissed I ended up paying 10 extra bucks a month to go to the mom and pop owned gym down the street. I recommend you do the same, GREAT customer service, they greet me by first name when I walk in WITHOUT my gym card.


Are you kidding me? That is the answer you choose to give?

That “the trainer can't get paid”. Who made that inane policy? That is the same canned excuse the managers at my club gave. You are indoctrinated by the same evil corporate meanie.

I know you don’t make the policies, you have to enforce them. I feel sorry for you, not for enforcing the policies but for believing in them. It is a *** policy. What’s the difference if I show up to the club with my card or not?

I’m still the same person with the card or not and I can prove it. I am the one who made the appointment and paid for it in advance, I can prove it the same way I proved who I was when I made the purchase originally, my legal pictured identification. You have my picture on file. I am no stranger to the staff, I’ve been a member for at least 8 years and paying $40 a week for a trainer for 2 years.

Give me a break! Don’t drink the Kool-Aid the corporation wants to feed you.

Think for yourself! :x