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One of my worst experience as a customer. This LA Fitness gym is horrible.

I was talking to an employee and asked him that I wanted to cancel my membership because I was going through financial problems were I couldn't pay for next month payment. He got up and went to get another person to understand the issue, my guess was he was trying to get someone who can convince me to stay. But, when the other person arrived he asked what was the problem, so I explained about my financial problems and he tried to convince me to stay and that he can lower the price of my membership. I said I can't and that I'm really going through financial issues and I needed to pay bills.

But he wasn't taking no for answer. After multiple conversations going back and forth he had enough and printed my cancellation receipt. While he's going to get my receipt another person over hears our conversation and he tries to convince me to stay and that we can put you in a "family/friend" plan. I was surprise that he even asked me that because I said to him.

Oh now your going to give me a speech and try to convince me huh? He chuckled and tried to convince me but I said no. And this is were i got mad. He told me that, " so your a failure because you can't come to the gym".

I was furious but I didn't express my emotion. Because I didn't want to make a scene and cause more problems. And I just simply told him that I'm having financial issues and I won't be able to pay for my membership. He got fed up with me that he told his co-workers to put me in as a guest for 3 days.

I left and just couldn't believe that I had to go through 3 people to cancel my membership and to get my receipt. unbelievable... Also before this happens on that day I was talking to the first person which I guess he was a personal trainer who was giving me prices of what personal trainer I wanted. I replied with "No I don't need a trainer".

He said that I had to pick one of the prices/deals. I repeatedly said "No" but he just kept saying "You got to pick one". That 's when I realize that this place cares about is money and keeping their membership to stay.

If your planning to join LA Fitness. DON'T!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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What did you want this person to do, break their rules and end up with financial problems and not be able to pay their bills?

You people have to understand that you're dealing with other people who have their own issues, many of which are solved by earning a salary.

Long short, DO NOT SIGN any contract that you're not 100% sure you can fulfill.

That means if you can't be sure your job is going to be around in 5 years, DO NOT sign a car note or any other note for that matter and expect the collector at the other end, who has bills to pay to show mercy.

Thing of it is we all take a chance when we sign contracts. Something, anything can go down that will make it next to impossible to pay.

Deal with it and don't whine about people who are just trying to maintain in the world we live in.