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My name is Sheila, Ive been a member of LA fitness for a month ans a half now (the one located on okeechobee and military, west palm beach FL). About a week ago my daughter was in the kid care at the gym and while in there she fell and hurt her arm, she began to cry because her arm was hurting, at that time the care taker by the name of Karissa began making fun of my daughter by saying "look at her shes crying like a baby" and started to encourage the other kids to make fun of her making her cry even more.

When I picked up my daughter(6 yrs old) I notice that she had been crying for a while because her eyes were swollen and her face was red, she could barely breath or speak. When I asked Karissa what had happened she said my daughter fell and hurt her arm thats all. After that day when Im going to take mu daughter to the gym she cries and does not want to go and says that the lady is very mean and makes fun of her. Seeing how upset my daughter was I decided to talk to the manager and we made a report of what had happened because it is considered verbal abuse.

I was told to come back the next day to speak to the big manager whos name I cannot recall, so that the situation could be resolved because that womans behavior was unacceptable. When I went today(3/4/15) and spoke to the GM his reaction and response was unbelievable and left me without words and beyond upset. When told what had happend with my daughter and that woman bullying her his words were "I have not had any other complaints so what do you want me to do, I will just talk to her". He was very rude and didnt care a bit about what had happend.

He didnt try to fix the situation and/or show any sympathy towards what had happend to my daughter. No child should be spoken down to, made fun of. Her behavior towards my daughter was unacceptable, innapropriate and completely disrespectful and not ome of the managers cared to do anything about it.

Therefore I canceled my membership because we shouldnt give buisiness to that type of people and it is very sad to know that LA fitness has such horrible people working for their company...I would not recommend this specific gym to anybody ever!!!! (LA Fitness on Okeechobee and Military, WPB, FL)

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They talk you into personal training just for them to take your money, made apple decision to do it and I pay cash the next day I went to cancel Matt in boss in stoughton said there not allowed to give cash but it has to be sent to a debit card that *** the same you payed should get back in retrieve