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First in 2009 i was offered a good deal by one of their customer service managers for whole family and i signed the contract however after a year, when the customer person left LA Fitness, i was called by a new manager and told me what i signed was only on paper and not in their computer system and i was asked to sign a new contract and of course $200 registration fee! I did it as i thought maybe the previous sales guy didn't do a descent job and offered me something without authorization just to make his sales numbers good however i was wondering why nobody picked on me until that person left LAFitness!

So another year i was pulled off again that this membership that i have is not for my whole family as a true family membership and was asked to sign another contrac! Amazingly this one was also after second sales guy left the place however this time i rejected to do that as i realized this is their established practice to charge customers like me every year for a no reason but previous person shouldn't have done that!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Getting new business or a new contract signed is the only way many employees get commission and/bonuses. Also be aware that company policy, common practice or what is legal are different things when it comes to employees in many companies. Doesn't justify squat but unfortunately this is how many of these businesses operate.


Actually, these contracts are legally binding. You're free to call them whatever you like, just remember...only a *** enters ANY contract without reading and understanding it, and if you can't read or didn't read it...that's on YOU.

Smart people do their thinking early, i.e.

BEFORE entering an agreement like this.

Fools (like all those whining about being held to terms and conditions they agreed to when signing.... it's like they're incapable of forethought, and can only get in their feelings when the consequences come into the picture.