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The Bridgeville LA Fitness Mgt is singling out racquetball players as the source of clutter in the "common" isle area behind the courts. They have started cancelling memberships of any racquetball player that has their racquetball bag, racquet cover or any other personal belongings up next the glass back walls as they are claiming that it's a safety hazard.

It's apparently okay for the club trainers to have their clients use the benches for "step up" exercises and to leave their dumbells and barbells used to do "lunge" exercises laying in the middle of the "common area" isle way (yes, I have pictures). The bottom line is that the racquetball players don't generate any extra revenue for the "training staff", so they consider us to be an interference to their "entitlement". The trainers have even started having their clients use the racquetball courts to jump rope and do medicine ball work and then get angry when we ask them to step off of the court so we can use it to play racquetball. It's a no win situation for racquetball players as the local club management is using contract verbiage to make up new rules as they go along.

If you like racquetball, find somewhere else to play besides LA Fitness in Bridgeville.

Post the "racquetball friendly" clubs on this forum and there's a good chance that some of the 150 Bridgeville LA Fitness members that play racquetball competitively will come join you.

I've never used a "trainer" at LA Fitness, but please note the warnings about that topic posted on this site. It is very apparent that they have systemic ethics issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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I WISH!! they would cancel my membership that easily!!! I've been trying to cancel my membership for over a year!!!