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The facility is great, but customer service is bad. Dealing with billing is a nightmare!

I have been a member for 1 year, spending over $2,000 in a year. At the end of the year I inquired about personal training contract renewal. The manager called me within a few days and informed me that they can offer to me personal training membership for $20 (the original rate was $30). I specifically asked if there are any additional fees associated with it. He informed me that since I am already a customer, there will be no additional fees or account set up fees. I also asked if I need to do anything else, e.g. sign contract, and he assured me that all I needed to do is to authorize transaction over the phone.

February comes and I look at my credit card statement and I see multiple charges. I called the LA Norwalk office and it turns out here how transactions break down:

1. $150: $92 dollars for training membership (new discounted rate) + 50 dollars processing fee (which I was not informed about)

2. $31 and S31 - monthly membership for 2 people (no complaints here)

2. $127 - training membership fee at original rate

Person informed me that charges are correct because I have two training accounts set up, one for me and one for my husband. I responded that it is impossible since my husband rarely goes to the gym and if he needs proof, he can check attendance records. I told him how my training membership was renewed and he repeated multiple times that these charges are my fault because I never cancelled my first training membership. I emphasized that I was told my account was being "renewed" and I never agreed to establish a second training membership. I asked to resolve this issue and provide a reimbursement. He replied that I have to cancel my membership to not incur further charges, but he cannot do anything about reimbursement since this is my fault. I asked to speak with the owner and was told that someone will give me a call back.

Is this how a person should be treated when I pay over $2,000 a year? I understand errors occur, but I am totally taken aback that they are reluctant to address the issue and imply taht the issue is my fault.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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All the training fees is extra money for the club and comission to the person that "renewed" your training.

If you're paying a high monthly rate" you're getiing more sessions. The lower you pay, the less they train you.

Training contracts are 6-12 months. Once your contract is over they will continue to automatically charge you. this is when you can send a cancellation form so that they can cancel you. But if you "renew," it most likely means they got you on another long term contract. My suggestion is to ask for a copy of the agreement for that renewal. Since you did it over the phone, I'm guessing you didn't sign that renewed contract. No signature= contract is void and by law, should refund your money.

As far as having 2 training contracts, that person most like opened a second account without your authorization. So long as they have your credit card, they will do it. As a former employee, I've witnessed many trainers getting credit cards from members and opening a training account without the member's consent. So again, ask for the agreement. Make sure you DON'T sign anything you don't understand, because they will try to get you to sign. And once you sign, you can't do anything else but pay.

Now if you cannot afford paying anymore, but have a contract that won't expire until months from then, the best thing to do is to close your account so they won't be able to bill you. Do not provide new billing info. LA fitness doesn't have a collections branch so you won't get affected in any way. Ignore their calls to pay up. They can't force you to pay something you didn't agree with. Please be aware that anyone that may call you to get your new credit card info, is someone from operations. They have nothing to do with training, but are forced to harass people over the phone mcause they're pressured to do it. Kindly tell them you won't pay and hang up. These are the poeple who greet you at the front desk on a daily basis and carry the load for the rest of the ingrates that get the big bucks while they get the complaints and insults.