Miami, Florida
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I signed up for an LA fitness membership on 7/22/2009. I was given a contract by the sales representative for a multi-club

membership, 0 initiation fee, 34.99 a month. The contract was given to me and I accepted the terms, and gave them a credit

card for payment. LA Fitness informed me that they were going to give me a 7 day pass and I was to return after the pass

expired to initiate my membership. I returned on 7/29/2009 and spoke to the representative, Ray Diaz (phone# 954 610

2471). He informed me that they would not be able to honor the rate given to me on 7/22/2009 even though I have a

contract executed by both parties for the aforementioned rate. They informed me that the rate that they offered "did not get

approved", even though they offered it to me, put it in a contact, and accepted my credit card information. The manager at

this location did not offer any remedy when I said that I would not accept a higher rate. I called the corporate office and

spoke to Nina who offered little to no assistance. She informed me that even though I had a contract that they would not

honor that rate. In summary, I signed up for a specific rate, signed a contract provided by LA Fitness to me, and now LA

Fitness refuses to honor it.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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L.A Fitness, states that they welcome you like family and make you feel comfortable. Well actually its not that at all.

The North dale mabry, and Vandyke L.A Fitness, in Tampa,Florida is B.S.! They are rude, hang up on you on the phone, are definitely one of the worst gyms i have ever been a member to. The manager Kendra does a horrible job running that gym, and should be removed of her duties.I find that if the manager hangs up on you on the phone that what the *** is she doing in that position of power. I would highly recommend joining life style family fitness or a 24 hour gym so that u don't have to worry about *** staff, service.

I am revoking my membership tomorrow. They rip you off and then give u *** service.


I didnt think they did this often. Almost same thing happened to my family.

We signed up 4 of us at $35 a month with 150 registration. Turns out they charged us 2times per person for both registry and month. We tried to get in contact with the worker who gave us the contract, but suprise, suprise, he no longer worked there.

We left those thieves. :(