Brampton, Ontario

I am no longer a member of LA Fitness. The change rooms are dirty and no one cleans the machines off.

The staff are rude and do not seem to care. The weights are never picked up during the day and in general the place needs help. Customer service is lacking in all departments. I will never go back to LA Fitness unless things change.

I would recommend Good Life Fitness.

I am now a member of Good Life and very happy. They always take in suggestions and respond to your needs.

The gym is organized and well kept. I've never had a problem with management or any staff.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

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LA fitnes bought out Ballys in los angeles and did not honor some memberships and the front desk was rude and sent members away when we had no notice of the changes; didn't ask to give us a new membership with matching prices or even close. I have to train for a marathon and can't use my trainer tha I've been seeing over seven years because my information is not in the system anymore, but I'm paid up.

Bad business on Bally's and LA fitness end. Thanks for making life even more complicated.


Seriously as a member I see how greshams group fitness director has handled her department. She should be fired.

You cant get ahold of her ever and heaven for bid a member makrs any kind of suggestion because she has said shes not concerned about the members. Really because the way I see it, without us she wouldnt have a job.

Shame on lafitness for keeping such an incompitent person around. :(


The LA Fitness in Round Lake Beach, IL needs more instructors i love the classes but they have no instructors and they need to bring back CHICKY we all love her and shes a great instructor please do something LA Fitness!!!


You're there to workout not observe the scenery. Dust accumulates on machines, it doesn't render them unusable.

Who talks to staff except when your keying in?

Suggestions??? It's a gym. It has weights/machines/fitness equipment. Who cares how the changing rooms are, how the staff acts etc. You're there to workout.

I can tell you're one of the people who try to get into the gym scene just to say you go to the gym. If you're there for yourself none of the *** you said would matter.

With that said I agree that LA Fitness has some sleazy business practices, but the actual gym is nice which is the only thing that matters.


It has the worst CS ever. Their staff lies and decives customers.