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I prepaid for the summer for my daughter who was home from college - I was ASSURED that I didnt have to do anything else when her summer membership ended in September. I prepaid because I didnt want them to have access to my account.

Wouldnt you know it, they took money out of my acccount saying the account wasnt cancelled. I called them the same day $ were taken...quick to take money out but not refund it. it's been a week, no refund yet! more excuses.

The funny thing is that I brought some friends a couple of weeks ago who are interested in joining - I have contacted all of them and told them not to join LA Fitness. I am calling the Attorney General's office as well as the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint - I would suggest others do the same!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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I have my membership fees taken out of a particular account bi-weekly on pay days. On several occasions fees have been taken a day or two before.

Then they send me mail saying they could not get funds.

Once I had a $35 overdraft because of it.


I was a member at LA FITNESS for 7 months and I was also paying for a personal trainer there for 6 months. I enjoyed going to the cycling classes, running on the treadmill and thought they had a variety of equipment available.

I think it is an impressive facility overall, but you need more than an expensive building and nice equipment to make a good gym. The people...the staff members working there will always be the other important factor to keeping members. I realize I have a difficult work schedule and I was struggling to make appointments for my personal training sessions. I wanted to book a training session online, but the system would not always allow me to so I telephoned the gym personally.

I was transferred from Mark to Colin twice, told my trainer was busy and they did not feel comfortable making the appt. without asking him first. I was told he would call me back at least to let me know yes or no for an appointment. I was not even given the courtesy of a return phone call.

I spoke to the manager and explained I was having difficulty booking training sessions and that I can't even get a return phone call. I said i was upset no one will even call me back. I said I am just gonna cancel my training sessions and he was polite, but just like "ok" he didnt seem to care one way or another. At no point did he attempt to resolve or follow-up on why I can't even get a return phone call.

There is just no resolution or follow thru there, but at least he was nice. I wasnt pleased about that, but I was still planning on coming back to LA in the Spring as I do drive some distance from out-of-town to go to this gym. I was thinking to cancel regular membership over the winter just because its too far to drive in adverse weather conditions. THEN a week or so after i cancelled my training sessions I arrived at gym approx 20 min before 8PM closing on a Sat nite.

The doors were already locked and I had hoped to get in a couple miles on treadmill. The girl at the front desk and a male employee were talking to each other and did not notice me outside for several minutes. It may have been 7:45 when i scanned in, but I was there before then & they had closed up "early". I drove all that way to be met with a locked door.

I motioned to them and they let me in, but the man was just rude to me. I accidentally had my badge facing the wrong way to scan in and I noticed it, but he talked down to me saying "We'll if you want it to work your going to need to turn it around" in condescending tone. I said "I realize that" and started to walk by the man, Ryan but then HE SAID "I don't appreciate YOU rolling your eyes @ ME!" As I walked by...I was kinda shocked he would even SAY something like that, but HE did. I said I didnt realize I did, but I dont even think that an appropriate thing to say to a customer.

Then HE just went off on me saying "Ooh NO...We DON'T do that Customers Always right thing HERE!" I said I only used word "customer" but never said customer is always right. What kind of attitude is that for an LA FITNESS employee to portray? He made very clear this gym is NOT about customer service thats for sure! I ended up notifying the corporate office that I would like to make a complaint related to this employees attitude, but that didnt seem to go anywhere.

Well, I had intended to cancel my regular membership for winter just because its too far to drive in the snow, but I was planning on signing up again in Spring. I have no reason go back there now! No one wants to pay good money to be treated rudely. Perhaps, if i was a good-looking 20-something I'd get better treatment, but as it stands I'm just a middle-aged mom who wanted to stay in shape!

Unfortunately, there are many good employees especially the trainers and instructors at this gym. I thought my trainer very capable, but no one wants to pay money to be treated rudely by anyone.

It also reflects badly on the company as a whole that they know about employees with bad attitudes who are rude to customers, but they continue to tolerate such behavior. Customer service is definitely not a strong point for LA FITNESS.


Oakdale location Same thing happened to us with our high schooler they are charging us monthly for personal training on credit card when our agreement was for single sessions even tho her membership was cancelled months ago. They will not return our calls and avoid us when we call know any excuse from he ran to the bank to he's at lunch.

Guess they know caller ID. We did not sign up for monthly deductions VERY FRUSTRATING. Do not recommend this fitness center.

Will be contacting BBB and corporate. Not a way to run a business!