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Dysfunctional La Fitness of Gresham, Oregon They have the opening hours up and working good job. Now figure out how to turn on the lights. People are working out with lighting from the racquet ball courts. They still haven't figured out how to keep paper towels and soap in the locker rooms. I took a water sample to the Pool and Spa House finding the TDS were 3 times the normally allowed by Oregon State Law. For those who don't know what TDS stands for it means (total dissolved solids) or human skin, and body oils, and cheek wash AKAfeces, the chlorine values were at 10ppm / 7ppm being the normal and the Ph was at 8.0 allowed 7.2-7.8 ppm. This is an easy resolve, just change out the water 3 or 4 times per week. Still the water levels are low on a daily complicating the problem. I find it hard to believe this company can operate with so many problems which are problematic too their clients; the service of this place is horrific. Most people I've mention these problems to don't want to complain so they never get resolved. But if you don't say anything nothing gets taken care of either. If I was the manager or an employee of La Fitness I would be ashamed of this business operations.

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You seriously took spa samples? #1 Who has time to do that.#2 Why not just go somewhere else if you dislike this place so much..

no one is twisting your or your early morning gang's arms to stay there. I mean it sounds like you consider yourself an intelligent person, so why not be an adult and say your peace to mgt - and if they can't resolve it to your liking, go some place you wont need to write so many blogs about? Bottom line, it's not your club, they're not your employees: they don't need to do what you say when you say it.

Ultimate resolution? Open your own gym and pray none of these LAF gresham employees walk in...