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OVIDIO M. Very rude and cruel to members at LA Fitness.

Original review posted by user Apr 09, 2011

the employees in the early morning are very friendly and professional. the employees late at night are the same way.

if you go into the gym between 10am & 4pm there are 2 employees that are quite vicious. one guy who's name is pronounced O-Vee he is a membership person. then there's a women named Ashley who checks you in at the front desk. on about 5 different times i've gone there as i go in the door O-Vee likes to run up to Ashley and whisper derogatory comments about me to her to get her reaction.

each time after doing this he runs back to his little temporary chair and giggles like a little school girl. i've also received about 6 to 8 dirty looks from this O-Vee guy. this of course affected my ability to weight train there.

so i joined 24 hr fitness in downtown portland which adds an hour in my travel time to get to the gym. Absolutely Horrible People.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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How about just telling the guy to go *** himself. Your spending your hard earned money - I always try to be nice but expect the same in return.


Hey Weightlifter,

Buddy don't care what some fat, dwarf, pebble headed, poc marked skinned beaner says about you. I mean look at the guy, you do know how that swarthy punk is going to look like at 40 right?

No wonder he's making fun at members while he barely can, it's just futile attempt at trying to make himself feel better, don't sweat that *** coming from such a troll. And Ashley? Buddy she's the UGLIEST cabbage patch doll jammed between the bottom drawer and track in some kids toy stash. And she's has to be one of the dirtiest *** I have ever met.

Really this gal is white trash Canadian filth to the hilt. Sweat what she says? Really she'll find that gutter bud, no soubt ;-) BUT BYER BEWARE >> When it comes to LA Fitness The rule to remember is TO KNOW YOUR BILLING DATE, AND CANCEL BY CANCELING THE/YOUR CARD 5 DAYS BEFORE YOU'RE BILLED.

That puts YOU in charge of your own cancellation and your money. This is how you have to do things when you deal with unethical slime like "These people".


Ovidio no longer works at this location. :eek


I think they call this guy your talking about O V his name is Ovidio and last name initial M. i was a member there for awhile an noticed this guy Ovidio would actually point and laugh at certain members there at the club. that was one of the reasons i quit my membership.


sounds like a great place to go if you want to be HUMOLIATED :(