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I cancelled my LA Fitness contract some time ago and renewed when they lowered the price. I spoke with a young man who was very polite and thorough about the personal trainer services when I went into the gym but I questioned the $99 "processing fee" for the personal training.

It so happened that the "boss" was visiting this LA Fitness and he was called over to explain the "processing fee". He never did, what he explained was that it was not something that could be waived or deleted...and that it was not negotiable. He continued to sell the benefits of the "bonus" visits and the book log but never once did he explain "processing". I said to him that keep your bonus sessions and waive dubious "processing" fee--nope they couldn't do that---he explained the payments are spread out over a period of time and that is the processing.

I said so if someone pays upfront is there a "processing fee"---he shot back, "do you want to pay the full amount?" I guess he would have considered waiving it then.

My point was there is no rationale reason for charging that fee. Since they already have my credit card on file, I really couldn't understand what needed to be processed. After 20 minutes and I honestly dug my heels in when he said, "LA Fitness doesn't have to give you any bonus visits but we do." Yea it was downhill from there.

Anyway, until LA Fitness can rationale why a $99 processing fee is necessary for a personal trainer---they can keep it.

And oh yea his final pitch was don't think about this too long because it is going to go up in a few days. Further proof that this was just another sales pitch from a manager who saw a customer and not a customer relationship....Oh well.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

La Fitness Pros: Location, Convenience, Equipment, Location near my house, Fitness classes, Cleanliness.

La Fitness Cons: Deceptive practices, Management not properly trained, Customer service.

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