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So I've probably read about a hundred or so reviews about l.a fitness ripping people off and having a difficult time of canceling a membership and a personal trainer and jumping through hoops. But it's not that difficult.

I've had a personal trainer now for a year and now I decided that I am done with having a personal trainer. So I am going to be canceling that membership. The gym contract if anyone even bothers to read it states how to cancel it, by nailing a letter to the stated address. And they even have a cancellation form on the website.

I will repeat, that have a cancellation form on the website of which account you would like to cancel. The form is very clear, you print it and it has your avcount number you wish to cancel and you simply mail it. The directions are on the form including the initial contract you signed if you'd bother to read it.

They are not trying to trick anyone at all. People just don't read the contract or take time to find the information.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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You should go and read all the *** in all the contracts that you sign in your lifetime for anything starting from your phone connection. If you start reading all the contracts you will die soon.

Your advice to take time and read the contract is a load of ***. Why the *** they don't tell you that when you start the membership.

It is all scam and trying to screw their customers. Pathetic company and unethical practices and loose morals and worst staff members in the world.