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I have been a member at LA fitness for several months now.

The manager made me signup for personal training and I got

assurance from the guy that I can cancel it whenever I want to.

I told him clearly that I wasnt planing this for long term but I can

try it out for 2 3 months and either cancel it or proceed with it after that period.

after 3 months I wanted to cancel it because I wasnt using it I realize that I

have to pay 50% of the remaining fees which is close to $650 in order to cancel it.

Personal Training in LA fitness is a scam. Please be ware. they will trick you into

signing up but please make sure you read your agreement.

I am planing to take this to cosumers court. if anyone has gone throgh similar experience please advice.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

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I had the SAME EXACT ISSUE. I am looking to take them to small claims court.

They're ripped me for over $700 and my cancellation fee was 1500$. Unacceptable.