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I signed up with a personal trainer at LA finesse at east Gullambery - Newmarket

But the next day I realized that I can't afford that . So I called to the gym next day and ask for cancelation. The stuff I spoke she said I will leave notice for the stuff who sign you up and she will cancel it .

Next I called aging to make sure it has been cancelled or not , the stuff on the phone said No it's not canceled yet but I will make a notice.

Few days I went to the gym and I asked they still not canceled yet.

Finally I got a get a hold of the stuff that singed me up for that and that was not easy to get hold of her ( after waiting for hour at the gym ) she called me at her desk and she did some things in the computer and told me its cancelled.

Now after a month when I got my Visa statement I see the first charge $320On my visa plus the another fee of $152

For the the current month .

I am completely frustrated and calling her there to get my money Back .

After I solve this problem I will definitely cancell my membership with LA.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow l feel bad for you that you went through this. LA Fitness are money hungry.

I hope you got your money back. I never join a fitness club Cuz it's too expensive and they well charge you more. I ldon't wanna go through the same thing you went through. Next time it's better to do it at home it's cheaper and your saving your money.

That's what l do. LA Fitness are just for money they don't care about you. Working in any LA Fitness in toronto it's not a good idea there pay is minimum wage and they except you to start working at 5am in the morning that's ridiculous. Just warning you the managers well never give you breaks and wants you to be on time.

They are very strict.

So warning everybody don't work at LA Fitness it's not worth it and buy there job ad saying they pay you 13 hour it's a lie. Good luck.