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La Fitness,

I believe it would be of your best interest to know of the interaction that I, one of your long term members (from several other accounts) have had.

I am currently a member of an LA Fitness in San Antonio, TX and I am incredibly disappointed with the lack of respect and professionalism of the LA Fitness manager that I dealt with today. Cyris, the current manager of the LA Fitness off of 410 and Blanco in San Antonio was completely inappropriate with his actions and words toward me today and I am incredibly offended. I previously held this company with very high respect but the lack of respect of this manager that LA Fitness has hired and termed a "good fit" for this company is incredibly upsetting and I am on the *** of quitting my membership there altogether. The way I was treated today was absolutely absurd and Id hope that an appropriate action be taken to compensate for the abominable interaction that I had today.

Today, April 7, 2015 at 11:00 am, upon waiting to cancel my personal training package due to monetary issues, Cyris, the manager of my LA Fitness, approached me immediately rolling his eyes with a very smudge attitude and asking why I was quote "wasting his time". He then proceeded to ask how old I was and told me that I was being childish for canceling my personal training. I have never felt this disrespected in my life! His rudeness continued throughout the entirety of the cancellation exchange as I continued to *** my tongue while he continuously threw insult after insult at me. Finally, after the 5 minute ordeal, I asked to have the corporate phone number and he refused to give it to me, telling me that its "in my contract, if you still have it". After realizing I wasn't getting the corporate phone number, I finally decided to leave the facility. In utter disgust.

Now I ask you LA Fitness, is this how you train your managers to speak to loyal members of LA Fitness? I do not know this manager personally and have only interacted with him once at LA fitness (not to mention, during the first interaction with him, he was also acting inappropriately by advertising his local strip club to me). Every encounter with this manager has left me offended! I truly hope that LA Fitness does not consider this appropriate behavior. The fitness place that I looked forward to going to has completely turned me off and I don't think I'll want to continue my membership in a facility with such horrible


I decided to keep my membership and just cancel he personal training package but the thought of the blunt rudeness of Cyris has completely put me off of this company and it is truly sickening that you would hire a manager of such distaste.

I come to LA Fitness to enjoy my time and have a good workout, but I will forever remember the blatant rudeness of the employee you deem fit to manage an LA Fitness.

I have never issued a customer service complaint with any company, but Customer service this horrible needs to be fixed. I will not continue support a company that believes this action was satisfactory.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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