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I am a recent member of LA Fitness as of March 4, 2009. My intentions going in were originally signing up basically for the $29.99 a month membership.

Upon discussion with the manager about various membership options I was also informed of how beneficial the personal training can be. I was open to a few training sessions so I then was sent over to the office of the manager of personal training, and he went over some of the personal training plans that they have. I was very apprehensive to agree to any of this due to the high cost of training but he kept negotiating with me until we came to some sort of an agreement. He told me what he could do for me and this was the plan: $160.00 for 4 training sessions a month and an additional free 12 sessions just for signing up, totaling 16 sessions.

He then told me that If I wanted to reach my physical goal I would probably need a year of personal training. I was interested but explained to them that I am an unemployed, full time college student and that I was not sure if I could afford $160.00 a month for a full year. He then explained to me that I could sign up for a year of training at $160.00 a month and if I ever wanted to cancel I would just have to cancel 30 days before the next payment is withdrawn. After a month of training I have decided that I want to cancel the training and just continue with a regular membership.

So today I called and spoke with training manager and explained to him that I want to cancel training due to finances and just that I didn't want a trainer anymore and he said that he would freeze the next 2 payments so I can think about it before I really just cancel. I agreed to it and then this evening found I had a $30.00 charge on my account. I called and spoke with him again and he explained that there is a $15.00 charge for every month the payment is frozen. I was upset when he told me this because he never informed me of this when he placed the freeze and I didn't, and would not have agreed to this charge.

I then told him that I want to cancel my training all together and he told me I can't or I will be charged for 50% of the remaining 11 months of training (approximately $880.00!!!). Never was any of this explained to me at the time I agreed to the training. He told me I could cancel anytime! They completely misrepresented what was in "the contract." This is the biggest scam and I am taking them to small claims court.

They are the worst company I have ever dealt with!!!! Beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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I agree. It is a high pressure sale scam by dishonest people and a dishonest company.

They do not truthfully go over anything in the contract. I canceled my credit card and intend to dispute the charges and agreement in court.


I think it’s a good idea to take a video of the sales pitch they do before you sign a contract.


Personal trainers gossip about customers in the negative to other clients. Trainers here don’t give one iota about you .

Been a member for several years , spent thousands and don’t even get a hello when I check in....very base personalities in this corporation. The trainers I had all gossip about their other clients , one of them kept bragging and degrading the women that would walk by . I quit him as soon as I figured out what a homophobic womaniser and *** he was. Only one trainer was professional and challenged me and the company treated him poorly.

They don’t do anything you couldn’t get on a free app or an issue of men’s fitness. Are you really there to listen to an employee whine about his job and talk about others ? Also , if you go to one of these gyms , look at how many members are actually sweating and not wiping off the benches when they are done... those same members leave their weights on for the next person to take off...

Look it up ... there is more bacteria on public gym equipment than on a public restroom toilet seat... NEVER TOUCH YOUR FACE ... always wash your hands...

And do not let these low life’s sell you a training package.. they are predatory.


I have had the same experience, I hope there's someone out there to stop these monsters from cheating people.


The same thing happened to me. He straight up told me that I could cancel WHENEVER I want as long as I pay the initiation fee.

I called and called LA fitness to cancel and they just told me that I had to pay 50% of whatever I owe until my contract is up.

What I did was cancel my credit card and got a new one. So the one they billed would not go through.


What did happen when you cancelled the credit card? Do they go to collection agencies or can they affect your credit?

I am planning to do the same.

But I am worried if it would affect me worse. I could say they literally cheated. They made me sign up electronically where the duration and amount was blank.

They said, it is because its special offer and goes on month on month as you use. Now turned out to eb a 1 year contract.


You should have read the contract. Hope you didn't. Go to Small Claims, it would be a waste of time.


Did you take them to court as this is exactly what happened to me


You can literally ask them to print you a copy of contract before you sign, people are just lazy and don't ask the right questions. I drilled the sales person and looked over the contract before I signed it electronically. So yeah, all the information is out there it's your job to know what you're getting into.


Did you even read your contract before signing lol


12 free session seems outrageously excessive. I actually stopped reading once i heard that because it seems absurd that you would have to pay almost 200 dollars for just 4 of them and get 12; not 1 or 2 but TWELVE more for FREE.

That should have raised some red flags. I think you're lying...didn't hear the terms correctly or have selective hearing lol.

Either way if you were ripped off, this is surely due to your own accord. And LIFE LESSON read the *** contract...bought a piece of gum and there is a receipt and it has a return policy on there...read on the way to the car....review the contract before you sign anything; this should be obvious!


Fine print, eeek. And they will use when ever they can.

Always read that fine print. Any time you sign your name READ it. If someone verbally tells you something make them show it to you in writing.

People's words are meaningless in the big business corporate world out of ignorance or corruption.

Sounds like that 50% is the early termination fee or penalty. Maybe a consult with a lawyer might help.

Good Luck


I was given a workout session that I really didn't need by a trainer in the middle of a workout. I was in the Marines.

I don't think I need training. But the trainer was pushy. After telling him that I recently got laid off, he rationalized that I should cut my grocery purchases so I can join for his sessions.

And after telling him that I have a terminal disease, he tells me "Don't you want to look good?" I was floored and dumbfounded. Obviously he wants me to look good in my casket.


LA Fitness is a credit card, debit card, and bank account money laundering scheme masquerading as a gym.

I have been receiving phone calls on my cell phone multiple times per day looking for two women because their credit card expired. They are using high pressure tactics to get the updated credit card information, but here is the problem....

They have the wrong phone number!

I have never even stepped foot in an LA Fitness, yet I have received phone calls from locations in Texas, California, and Illinois, and I don't live in any of these states.

Part of the scam is that they provide a nationwide database of gym memberships where credit cards have expired or bank accounts cannot have money automatically deducted from. Representatives are then given commissions for individuals billing information, hence the nationwide "hunt" for former members info.

I had pleaded with their so called "representatives" for weeks to stop calling my cell phone, as they had the wrong number.

Finally, I had an idea. A woman called from LA Fitness looking for these two women. Pretending to be shocked, I said, "you are calling for who? They both died last week."

And you know what?

The LA Fitness "billing representative" could not make the account inactive or remove my phone number! She said she did not have "access." "So how can I have these calls stop consider the people you want to speak to are dead." The answer was startling. "You will have to go to an LA Fitness branch to cancel the membership" the dumb wench told me. "But there is no LA Fitness near me and the closest is a three hour drive" I retorted.

It was a lie, but at this point I was having fun with the ***. "Well, that is all I can do," said the *** LA Fitness employee. As I mentioned, LA Fitness is a giant scheme to automatically bill your credit card or deduct money from your bank account. It just so happens to package this theft in the form of a chain of gyms.

If you want to get ripped off, just head down to your local LA Fitness and give them all your personal and bank information. They will do the rest.


This is so true! They don't tell you its a 52 week contract and they rush you through signing up.

And they make you sign the computer pad and you don't have a piece of paper in front of you! I love the personal training when I received it but I am moving to a different state and there is not an LA Fitness near by and they refuse to let me cancel, they wont even let me pay half of the remaining. They said I am stuck with it until the end.

How can they do this?! :?


Something similar happened to me and my husband. We lost a lot of money... a few months later we got a notice that LA Fitness had been sued for this reason.


It is not a scam. The personal trained tells all of their customers that they can cancel at any time.

You can. You just have to pay 50% of the remaining balance due for the rest of your sessions. They TELL YOU this when you first sign up. It is ALSO WRITTEN in the contract.

I am on month 9 of my personal training with LA and I am very happy with it. I have lost a lot of weight and have become buddies with my trainer. Next time, read the damned fine print and quit calling it a scam. It is not a scam.

Their contract is public knowledge.

All gyms operate in similar ways.

Don't blame them for your own personal ignorance.


Totally agreed! I just joined their 52 weeks training program! Yeah!


I am surprised you haven't been asked yet to pay more when they promoted your trainer to the Master Trainer program. Or are you just blundering through with whatever trainer is available. Because then yes...if you take the "personal" word out of the program...the fine print makes complete sense!