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I paid for membership and was a member for two to three months. One day, I got an automated call during work about getting my family membership. I turned it off. The next time I went to the gym, I asked one of the front desk worker politely to not call me during work hours, 9 to 5. He said he'll take me off. The next day, I got text message about getting my family membership to LA fitness. I called them, talked to the manager, and told him, I've asked a man working at the front counter once already, please do not call or text me. I told them, that I'm a freelancer, and that I need my cell phone to be free, stop this. A week later they called me and left me a voice message and a text message about family membership deal. WTF, I was furious. I called them back after work hours, asked them to let me talk to their supervisor. I asked the supervisor for his name and his last name. HE WOULD NOT PROVIDE ME WITH HIS LAST NAME nor transfer me to a higher supevisor. I told him that the last two time I didn't ask for a name, this time, I'm making sure that if he fail to stop LA fitness from calling me, at least I got a name to report it to as proof. He told me he didn't understand my logic for his last name and hanged up on me. I was furious and called back and started cussing at him. I asked him why the f*K did he hang up on me? He said I was cussing. I told him I DIDN'T CUSS until now.

I got proof because I gave them my google voice/phone number. The textmessage and their automated voice messages are on there.

Anyway, I missed a very important work related call but thankfully I've salvaged it. But I end up cancelling the membership and my credit card. Reported to the BBB.

Another reason why LA Fitness might suck for you guys is:

They do not have padding on barbell to do squat. They don't have a designated place to do deadlift. I do 255 lbs deadlift for a 5'5'' size ok. I drop that sometime, and it bangs pretty loud. Any decent gym would have a deadlift and squat equipments and places. Their 45's are crack around the holes and their dumbbells are old, the rubber covers are coming off. There are certain exercise you cannot do because the bench is bolt down or they just don't have the equipment for it. So if you strength exercise or just body build they are very lacking in it.

Their was no weighing machine either! Their *** was broken so they bought some Costco one in front desk. You have to ask for it and they'll look at you and ask, "are you a member?" Really? You really think I'm going to steal your *** costco weight machine?

Their gym trainers are *** bag too. The free assessment check is bull ***. They tried to ask you what you want. If you don't know what you want they'll do as very little as possible unless it seems like they can get you to pay for a trianer. I've seen people got jipped by this. I asked him for an overall fitness test and he took my pulse and gave me a bmp measurement and said I'm done. Pointed to a chart and said you're in 15% percentile, above average good job, later. Some of the gym trainers don't even know what they're doing.

They don't offer many physical programs just sport. Judo and such isn't in there just a little fyi.

Oh, I tried their pool once, got the stomach flu right afterward. Sick for a week cause of that. Why am I blaming it on the pool? Because I've never gotten the stomach flu before, not even when I worked out. The pool was the only out of the ordinary thing I've done, habitual person.

This is the gym in Alhambra, I don't know about the other branches. But those bean counters working in LA Fitness headquarter doesn't care about the conidition of their free weights.

Oh here's the text message:

Join us! This weekend, member appreciation. 0 enrollment for family at LA FITNESS. Bring a friend and get a 1 week trial membership FREE. David De Anda

This dude personally TEXT message me from his phone! After I told them not to. How do I know this? His area code is 213, I've called back on it, where I live is 626.

Probably the same *** bag that hanged up on me. I'm not sure but he's afraid of losing his job so he's not going to tell me his *** last name over the phone nor in person. LOL loser. I'm just so frustrated and *** right now.

Go over to eopinions or BBB, they have hundred plus complaints, they managed to get an A rating for some reason.

Bottom line, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY. They will spam you with calls and text messages, during work hours, asking for your family members to join.

To cancel membership, you have to go online, register, print out a cancellation letter and mail it. Yeah...

If you got over to yelp and check out my LA Fitness branch, they have around 30 reviews, a couple reported getting sick form that place.

There's a class action lawsuit against them: https://www.gymsettlement.com/gym/

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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I also get unwanted spam texts from LA Fitness.

I was once a customer but I always untick marketing communications.

Also I am registered with the TPS so they should not contact me.

So I phoned and complained and the nice lady said that she had removed me from the list.

A week later ... another spam text.

Avoid LA Fitness if you don't want hassle forever


this is a consumer tip. When asked for a credit card or a cancelled check for auto pay use a prepaid card, not your regular credit card or checking account, these will and can be always charged to your account even during disputes. Alwasy use a prepaid card when doing any of this


I've added a real name in there. I didn't realize that this can be seen as Slander/libel, therefore I've asked in forum and here, to please let me edit the name out or delete it.

Thanks for reading