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My only advice to others is that if you're paying more than $29.99/month, quit now so you can either join another gym or get their special email offer begging you to come back for the $29.99/monthly price.


I rejoined LA Fitness facility about a year ago because of a new job which required me to relocate. Several things changed throughout the time that I was there. Originally the pool/spa were opened up until 30min to closing time, this was great for me because I work until late and the gym is usually packed until 8pm anyways. But not long after I joined, they set new pool/spa schedules ... it's now until 10pm weekdays and even earlier on weekends ... there were no lifeguards. Sometimes they would have pool cleaning on random days which prevents me from using the spa/pool. The music is horrible, almost everyone bring their own ipods for their workouts.

I was checking out the prices ... and realized that they've got a new plan to drawn in new customers at 29.99 a month, which is much lower than the $39.99 I was paying, so I asked about that... and the sales rep at the facility told me some BS answer that I paid a lower premium when I joined, so if I want the discount, I would have to pay them about $50 up front. I told him no way. I knew the sales rep was lying or was not aware because shortly after I quit from my last LA Fitness facility from the previous job, I received emails wanting me to re-join for the $29.99 price with NO INITIATION fee. The sales person now tells me he could reduce my membership fee by taking off the racquetball fee of about $5 a month ... I went with it thinking, ok I don't have to go through the hassles of quitting/rejoining. I was skeptical about this because the guy would not give me any guarantees or anything in writing. So now it's been more than a month later I still see my bill the same at $39.99 a month (with tax, it adds up to a little under $43 ) So there was no reduction in monthly fees, no change in my bill ... which my only option now is to cancel the membership. I'm pissed because in order to cancel membership, I have to print out this form w/ my personal information on it, mail that and 'hope' it gets processed and not lost. Today is 6/23/2010 and from the cancellation webpage I read that if I mail this form in today my membership will be canceled on 8/15/2010 ... that's almost 2 months later!!!


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I do not think you should be surprised at all the new deals out there. Competition and the poor economy has pretty much killed the initiation fee at most gyms.

As far as your monthy rate, courts are 5 bucks and the front desk can downgrade your account and remove that fee.

As far as the cancellation, your last month was prepaid so july 15 through august 15 is allready paid.