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He took a week off then went Monday night. Today his skin is completely broken out in a rash, coughing and feels weak. He went to the doctor. The rash could be a reaction to the pool chemicals. I have no doubt the maintenance is questionable at best. The pool bottom has what looks like rust in various areas. I am tempted to grab a water sample to confirm the ph level is off. If anyone has symptoms please see a doctor and know the affects may...
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To come into my LA fitness to find children in diapers learning to swim in my pool and sharing my locker room, is in my opinion one of the worst decisions this company has made. Had I wanted I to join the YMCA, or had I desired to be a part of a community pool, or to go to my own community pool in my development, that's where I would spend my mornings and afternoons. Allowing a Swim School idea to be created within the pool facility is very far...
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I was swimming in Pool one of the workers open emergency exit door and let the cold water come in when i complain he didn't care and keep door open i go head and closed the door, then i received a call from management they termination my membership because i complain i belive the management in phx az is very poor and unprofessional i been in pool business more than 10 years and i belive their water is not sanitized as much necessary, it's a...
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La Fitness Pool Facility Review

New club opened 4 months ago and pool has been closed for 3 months for repairs. Looks like LA fitness may going into bankruptcy since they cannot get pool repaired. LA fitness bird road and 82 Bd ave, 33155