Los Angeles, California

After being a member of LA Fitness for over 10 years, I tried to cancel my membership. Thinking that it would be easier to go in and "take care of business" I went to my local club and asked to cancel my membership, they refused.

Management indicated that "I" needed to complete a form and submitt to corp. They were completely unable to cancel my automatice debit from my checking account. How sad that they can certainly take your money face to face, but are unable to conduct simple business face to face. Bottom line don't allow any automatic debits from your checking account.

Seems they are a one way street with LA Fitness.

This simple transaction took two months to complete. And I was stuck with the bill and over-draft charges to boot!.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I see alot of comments on the personal trainers. I must say that I am happy that I didn't get duped into signing for one.

I work out everyday, and watch the trainiers like a hawk, and the service looks like a rip-off.

The trainers always look annoyed and the people they're suppose to be training are always alone. What's up with that?


I transferred gyms for convenience, from Gold's Gym. After about three weeks, I have determined that the trainers at LA Fitness may be certified, but they are useless.

The head trainer at out LA Fitness has actually recommended herbal diuretics for clients, and what are advertised as "personal training" sessions are immediately turned into group sessions because the trainers receive less than 20% of what you're paying for training and their rate is multiplied for each client. Having move clients give you less personal attention, which is the main reason for hiring a personal trainer. The national standard is that the trainer receives roughly 50% or the billed rate.

If you're trainer's making less, it's probably because they're not worth what they're getting. I wouldn't train with the best of the trainers at our LA Fitness. Fortunately, I've just completed my own certification, and have a world class trainer in the family as well, so I don't need one as a norm.


I love la fitness I lost 250 pounds with the help of the training staff! thank god for lafitness.......


When you have an agreement with a company for automatic payments, you should always have a paper trail for anything ragarding changes to the account, ESPECIALLY canceling. Mail your cancellation request like you agreed to and wake up and realize no one is perfect and mail it certified.

Then when you have any issue it is VERY simple to resolve. Stop making life so hard and be proactive!


hmm.. i have happily worked for LA Fitness for a few months now.

I am impressed with most employees and dedication of my managers.

I have personally helped a few people cancel their memberships and explain to new clients the necessity of giving a months notice to cancel. we have an amazing facility and I pride myself on ethical, customer focused salesmanship.


completly unprofessional...the trainer i had hated Indianapolis, snow, and training. makes me want to train with him....and when i showed up for a session at 7am he said it was 8am I got charged for the appointment...

horrible service rude, sullen, arrogant employees.... stay away...


LA Fitness sucks, they are just greediest people on earth. there is no easy way to out with them . s t a y a w a y from la fitness.


LA Fitness sucks, they are just greeest people on earth. there is no easy way to out with them . s t a y a w a y from la fitness.

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