Mcdonough, Georgia
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LA Fitness Management, McDonough, GA

My husband and I have been a member of this club since it was opened about 4 years ago. It is extremely poorly managed. The management appears to be unconcerned and/or incompetent.

They first started taking the weight scales out of the dressing rooms. Now we have one scale in the open area. Then they did not replace hair dryers in the dressing rooms. For the past year they have been watering down the soap when there is any, but many times there is no soap in the showers or the sink area. This is extremely unsanitary and unhealthy. Several times, paper towels were not in the sink area of the dressing rooms. We have asked management to resolve these problems many times, but they always have an excuse like, "we have ordered soap, but it is not here". This is never acceptable, but after one year is intolerable.

When they took out the clock in the main exercise area and put up big screen monitors for advertising. When a clock on the monitor was requested, we were told that it was not possible. How dumb can this management be? To their credit, they did finally get a clock added.

One of the front doors has not worked over 50% of the time the club has been open. Why can't they hire competent people to do repairs?

LA Fitness has a corporate goal that includes the following quote, "We are dedicated to making your fitness experience an exceptional one." Apparently this goal is not impressed upon staff or staffs are too unconcerned and/or incompetent to accomplish this goal.

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Well the sanitizer is alway out on the walls of the gym.. They can't even keep it full


Yes, this gym has very bad management. They are disrespectful and rude to the members.

I have called corporate on them several times and it does not seem as if they are doing anything about it. Time to look for another gym!!!


LA Fitness has now gone 5 days without hot water! Once again hygiene has taken a back seat to profit, or, is it just management incompetence? On the other hand, maybe most people prefer a cold shower after working out harder.


They have legitimate complaints so get over yourself. Some people care about their hygiene a bit more than others.


I love LA fitness in mcdonough. I say stop your complaining and spend more time working out.

If you work out hard enough you might be to tired to whine. get over it already!!!



Hygiene is very important (rather having the necessities to maintain a level of hygiene is). THIS CREW IS ALMOST "CLUELESS!"

Any place where the public convenes and hot water is placed there, there should never be a "hot water" problem or lack thereof!


How *** can "ANYONE" be??????? The place should be closed or at least, refund part of the dues.