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I read the complaint a father filed on behalf of his daughter and wanted to share that I had the same experience. The personal trainers push and push until you sign on the dotted line.

I was pressured into signing up for personal training just like his daughter. Fortunately, I got up and walked out before signing. I made a formal complaint about this very sneaky sales tactic, but I know they will continue to pressure people into buying. They want you to sign a contract for 3mos., 6 mos., or 12 mos.

You have to pay an enrollment fee of $150 in addition to already paying a joining fee to be a part of the gym and your monthly gym dues. They you have to pay either $60, $50, or $40 per session. The problem is that you can't just get a few sessions to learn certain techniques or exercises. You have to commit to long term and there's no getting out of it if you decide it's not for you.

It's not about helping people get healthy, it's all about making money.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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Few years ago I signed a contract for 3or 6mos. of personal training.

But they did not honor this contract and took out $$$$ for 18mos of training. I didn't find out about this until I decided to return to LAfitness. That's when the guy I talked to SLIPPED up an told me they had taken out 18 or maybe more months of money. The bank account had been closed for years and I didn't know this until he told me.

I screwed up BAD during that time, not paying attention. Instead paying attention to care for my dying parents, injury to my leg at work, husband left me for a ho, my daughter having a child, then finding out she was sick. Not to make excuses but..(Well maybe I am). BUT, I knew MYSELF NOT to sign a long term contract, and I know it wasn't for 18 (maybe more) mos.

I don't have that contract, but they have this LIE in a computer. And of course they CAN'T access this POS contract.


True, true, true. I can tell you from an "insider" perspective - I mistakenly took a job at LA Fitness as a "Fitness Manager" at one of their clubs and found out very quickly just how wrong that place is.

Unethical, NOT about responsible health and fitness practices, ALL SALES with tragically very little regard for quality fitness guidance, very sub-standard fitness professionals, and they really couldn't care less about positively impacting lives, just positively impacting their bottom line. The place appalled me (or to be more accurate, the company culture appalled me) and their philosophy on fitness and servicing people could not have been more contradictory to mine. Oh and my boss at the time wasn't even alive as long as I'd been working as a fitness pro and leader, and he's trying to tell me what's what...

that company is just a ridiculous embarrassment to the Fitness Industry!


I signed up for a year of training. I really needed it, and my body fat has dropped from 35% to 30% and still falling.

Trainers are trained and are very helpful. So far, so good. After the year elapsed, I went to sign up for another year. To my amazement, I was charged another $150 enrollment fee!

I was already enrolled, so why the enrollment fee? I was helped by the front desk to find a way around this (reduced charge per session), but if they try this again next year, I'm out!


I signed up for three sessions a week; however, after the 1st week the trainer did not show up on Wed and he failed to show up again the following Mon. I spoke with the manager and he did not have trainers available and agreed the terms of the contract had not been met and he did not have trainers available for my schedule.

I called corporate and they were going to charge me for the 4 sessions; however, now they claim to have a trainer available - a month after the last session but no one ever called me. LA Fitness charged me for another month so I called my credit card and they have put both amounts in dispute, minus the 4 sessions. If this continues I WILL take them to small claims court to recoup my money.

I held up my end of the contract. They didn't.


No one is made to sign a contract, yess a little pressure. NO gun was held to your heads.

The PT has ask me on numerous occassions and guess what I told her?

"No thank you",and I go on about my business. What is so hard about that?


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

I work for LA now...if you dont want it dont sign up..but alot of people need it..The average person i have by appt has atleast at 30% Body fat..


This happened to me as well! I never experienced this kind of treatment from a gym before.

I am fighting to get out of my contract. I agree that they are all about making money and are not concerned with customer satisfaction


I'm starting a legal action to cancel my membership, and need a copy of the 'boiler plate' contract, pages 2 through the last page...nothing with anyone's personal information--just the fine print. Can anyone send me copies of those pages?? Thank you!


How do we get suckered in? Cause they never disclosed that they were selling us a SEAPRATE membership to the club, all they said was you get a free training session with signing up, and then they talked to us afterwards with their "fast talk" and never said, hey we are selling a separate mad at myself for joining.


I hate Proresults training .. trying to get out of it but no staff is trying to help me out as I signed contract.

Any ideas


I too was pressured into signin the personal training contract for 18 months. The girl used to be by my side always when I and my husband initailly joined lafitness, and i ended up signing the contract becoz she saidd its the last day for the lowest ever fees.

Now I do not like their training too much and am wondering how to get out of the contract. and after reading all the complaints about LA, i AM REALLY SCARED COZ I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO KEEP CALLING THEM AS EVERYBODY WRITES !!


I dont understand how so many people are "pressured" or "forced" into signing up. Why dont people understand that if they go to a business they should expect to be sold something.

If they are not polite about their sales tactics why sign up in the first place. I would love to hear more stories on how people get tricked into giving their money away. I am a member of LA Fitness.

I get propositioned for personal training all the time. I say "NO".


I actually used to work for the personal training department... Yes the tactics are underhanded and seedy...

Trust me when I say that it is not completely the employees fault... the Vice Presidents put so much pressure on the GM (which I got promoted to before I realized what I as doing to people) to make sales everyday. They have a high turnover rate and pretty *** trainers overall...

Plus they only pay their trainers $6 half hour and $12 hour... I am young and was under soo much pressure it pushed into health conditions.


I completely agree. I was pressured into signing up and i've never even used them and they keep billing my account on different days( i agreed to be billed on the 2nd of each month but i get over draft statements every month because they take it out on different days!) Screw LA FITNESS!

I was also told i could cancel my trainer anytime i want to! but of course thats a lie!!!!