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In Arizona, I registered for the personal training program at LA Fitness Union Hills (Pro Results) and the trainer I had was absolutely one of the most misinformed people I have ever worked with. Not only did he seem distracted half the time he was working with me, but he also didn't even follow through on some of the stipulations of our agreement.

He never outlined a structured, weekly diet, only took my measurements once, and insisted on training me on a limited number of machines. I attempted to request that we work out on certain machines and he just gave me a bunch of contrary excuses as to why we needed to stay on the same weight lifting machines. I think the reality is that he just didn't have the knowledge base, yet the company had no problem charging me $50 for each half hour training session.

Also, I found employees at this gym very impersonable and at times rude, and, although subtle, made it clear that they didn't want to be bothered with idle requests or demands.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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It is my opinion as a layman that LA Fitness is commiting Fraud at minimum. As per. I was looking for a gym and walked into LA Fitness. I was told verbally that they had no contract and that the membership fee was month to month. So I decided based on what I was told to allow a 1 month amount for a trial to see if I actually liked the place.

I signed on one of those signature computer screens and was given a sheet with instructions that a trainer would call me. At that point I said I didn't think I wanted to use a Trainer. They told me I "had to begin with a Trainer". So I told them maybe I did not want to join. They told me that it was too late that they would keep my fee and I must writh in with a written cancellation...Now this was the same day that I walked in...I did not use the facility as I was just looking around.

That afternoon looking at my bank charges. LA Fitness has Put through a Charge of $359.00 for the Facility and $309.00 for a Trainer on my Bank Card number.

I went to my bank that afternoon and spoke with the bank manager who asked me to speak with the people at LA Fitness again and report what they told me when I went in to tell them to stop because I was not interested.

Well they told me that they could do nothing and offered absoluted nothing bet so sad to bad.

I went back to the Bank where the manager was waiting for me..."There was a staff member of LA Fitness following me for some reason. So since the Bank Manager actually saw this...He called and Challenged the $309.00 charge. I figured I would have to eat the $359.00 charge since I am the *** who signed on a blank dotted computer screen line.

Now when the bank card department dealt with LA Fitness they out of the blue produced a "Contract" to show the Bank signed by me????? Although they stressed that they did not use a contract but were month to month. Bank is forwarding the contract that they were sent for me to review...So this is currently in process.

Are you seeing something wrong with this picture?

Please note that this attempted cancellation was within the first 24 hours and a Contract is not a month to month...So which is it? And where is the right to cancel? It is my belief that LA Fitness is a dishonest and misleading Company and I will persue this as far as I can to stop them from misleading others.

Just to verify I have never used any of their trainer or their equipment not even for 1 second.


I use to work for Pro Results and I left because my conscious wouldn't allow me to continue to *** people out of there money. Allow me to take you inside their workings.

1.) There is NO background/drug check for ANY of the Pro Results employees prior to hiring. You will never look like some of the Trainers there, most of them I worked with were on steroids, a lot of them have extensive criminal backgrounds. We're talking serious felonies, and years in prison. When I was interviewed for the job, i was handed a script. I was told to recite the script. Once I did he said "your hired." No resume, no application or anything.

2.)They care NOTHING about your fitness! They only want you to buy the largest training package they have. I was almost fired because i mentioned that is was wrong to fast talk these people into contracts.

Please do not mess around with these people. You will get mistreated! This is coming from an ex employee. The assistant managers get scoulded if they do not sell at least 22,000 worth of training a month. Thats a big number, and a lot of hard nose selling!


I was a trainer at LA Fitness, and I feel so, so bad for each of your experiences. I ended up leaving that gym because of the way my clients were treated by other staff members.

I did not agree with the ridiculous price they were charging for half hour sessions. If I had my way, I would charge that for an hour and provide ten times the service that L.A. wouldn't pay us to do. Plus, many of my clients were treated like a number and I couldn't take it anymore.

I was always so angry at the rude, impersonable, and lazy trainers. One day, one of our members needed bandages and ice because he was bleeding. I got the first aid kit and it was empty. I had been told 2 weeks prior to that that the supplies were in, but they lied.

I had to run across the street to a restaurant to use theirs. Shortly after that, one of my clients was turned away by our other staff because she was overcharged a couple hundred dollars. I helped her, then finally stormed out of that gym. I loved my clients and called each of them personally after that, but they understood and wished me the very best.

I plan on training independently from now on, and am working out my business details as I speak. Please know that there are good trainers out there - one other guy and I did assessments and measurements on our clients every month, no matter what. I didn't even charge mine for the measurement session. We worked out BASIC diet plans (legally, a trainer is not allowed to write a specific plan - that has to come from a dietitian or nutritionist), and we catered the workouts to what they wanted.

We also tried to be creative with the exercises so the client would learn a variety of movements and techniques. I love training, but I agree with you about L.A. Fitness. I am not in the habit of talking badly about former employers, but I have never worked with such arrogant, selfish people in my life.

Please reconsider training, but wherever you go, request that you work with your trainer prior to signing an agreement. Like test driving a car, a reputable trainer or gym will allow this, no questions asked. Also, do a careful search for private training studios or smaller fitness centers. Privately owned ones are often the same price or less as other gyms, and some offer hour sessions.

Plus, they evaluate their trainers more critically. Anytime Fitness is everywhere, and although small, normally has an excellent, knowledgable staff. And, even if you're just looking to lose weight or you're a beginner, don't be intimidated by gyms that are specialized toward a specific area, such as powerlifting, functionality, etc. The owners and staff of these places often possess a VERY refined skill set in all areas of fitness - they just chose to specialize in one.

But, they are a great resource and often network with private trainers and other local companies. Happy hunting (and working out!)




I am very upset with LA Fittness because they do talk you into a 12 month contract for a personal trainer which totals out doing it 2 times a week for 12 months to way over 4,000 dollars for the trainer and club.

We went to go cancle our 12 month contract which they honored if you do it with in 3 business days of signing it but than right away they said how about 6 month or 3 months which they do not give you that option at the begining which is lying.

i asked them if we still get our mesurements and activity books with the name of the machines which are best for our age of 54 and never been in a club before and they said no!!! not without a personal trainer, i said you mean you can not tell me which machines are safe for me and my health problems like heart murmer, and slightly hi blood presure and my sisters back injure that we just have to pick what we feel would be safe and hope we do not have a stroke, or injure our backs to where we might not be able to walk again.

i was very mad that a fitness club did not care about someone who needed to work out for their health and to better themselfs to loose weight by just showing them the machines to best help them and stay away from the other ones that could be dangerious for us.

to me all that says is all they care about is their money and if you die working out cause they would not even point out the machines or write a scedual for you that is best for you with out paying 174 a month for 12 months just pay 32 a month and take your chances they are not a careing business and should not be in business.

Do not join unless you have alot of money to give them and than be aware they might not even be there for you during trainig or seem like you are a burdon to their time.

or if you do without a trainer do your best to take care of your self and start slow.

if i go back it will be on my own and i will just swim (which is the best exercise especally for someone my age) and do a few classes i know i can do not sure if i would do any of their machines since i have never been to a club and do not know which one to do with my health and my sisters back injury and they better leave me alone.

i have not decided if i will be going back but i am almost positive i will be quiting their club if i can find one that cares about their people especially the older ones like me i know their are some out their.