Saint Petersburg, Florida
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I paid for my son's gym membership in full for the year and at the end of that year he decided he wanted to go elsewhere. Seeing that we knew our membership was up and I had never made payments I had no idea I would get harrassed and my check card I used to purchase would continue to be run by this Company.

I get at least two calls a day and they say that I owe them late fees now. LOL...well I cancelled that check card shortly after I paid membership so they keep telling me their request for money is unsucessful as my bank says insufficient funds...when I explain I nver authorized them to use my bank account they do not understand. They also tell me I cannot cancel with them when I do answer their calls..that I have to send a certified letter to stop. I told them just yesterday to not call me again about this account that we do not want and my son is a minor....but, I do not expect the calls will stop.

They cannot get the fact I paid for the year in full...*** Company..and how many people do not check their accounts and have $25 every month taken from these CROOKS withour even knowing? LA FITNESS SUCKS

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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