watch out people, dont sign up or work there.....they take all employees for granted, talk to you like your child and verbally abuse you while they pay the employees nothing. the managers take money under the table, no one follows the rules and the big time managers in california are making the big bucks and they cant handle their job.

they should stop building more la fitness clubs and fix the ones they have open. all good instructors are at lifetime fitness.

the turnover rate is high! wonder why????they pay the personal trainers 6.00 a half hour...what do they charge the customers???

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Whatever, Nate! La Fitness tried to sign me up and as soon I was told about two additional fees they attempted to process on my credit card, without being up front about it first, I cancelled my membership before it began.

They need to make sure they outline EXACTLY what they're going to charge you. When I told the manager that I felt he was sneaky and I didn't trust him, he got an attitude. He pulled a "HO" move by asking if it was a financial issue. Really?

The only people hard up for cash are people that need to rip you off to earn a buck.

I'm glad I found Gold's Gym. Gold's might be smaller and an older facility than LA Fitness, in my area, but I'd rather go with quality vs quantity.


I recently separated from LA and the op is absolutely correct. The trainers only make 6.00$ which is 15% on a regular 12month contract which is 40$ per session.

This company takes members and employees for granted alike. Member Appreciation Day my a, what do you really get? It's another marketing ploy.

I know all the tricks they use to get you to sign up and buy training. After you buy training you must scrounge for a good trainer who doesn't mind being paid peanuts and is going to stick around.


He/she is not bitter...this person is telling the truth! Training managers are NOT certified trainers...membership sales make shady deals...you must be in sales!


You must be bitter, I've worked at life time and golds and la fitness all the clubs are good in different ways for different folks

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