Saint Petersburg, Florida
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I have been an outstanding instructor with LA Fitness for over 10 years and supported at least 10 facilities across the country. I went on a week's leave to help take care of family.

I arrived at my scheduled class upon return to find another instructor and another class had replaced mine without a word of such from my boss. I taught the class nonetheless for I was taught to take care of the customers who were waiting for me. Yes, I had substitutes scheduled while I was away for a week; hence, everything was done properly and my performance has been exemplary. Now I am without a needed source of income as it was taken away from me by my boss without a conversation, until after the fact when I was appropriately upset (I have found out that the new class attendee numbers are very similar - reason why I was "laid off").

I certainly hope this is not an LA Fitness practice for my customers were shocked about how this was conducted.

I am wondering if LA Fitness leadership tells managers to do what it takes to remove higher paid employees and reduce Labor cost for this whole situation did not seem like a surprise to some team members in California (a State that usually requires employers of LA Fitness's size to have a performance management system in place that supports their hiring/firing decisions). No classes to teach and money coming in - sure feels like I've been laid off since I am inactive in their system.

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