Elmhurst, Illinois

About a year ago i walked into LA Fitness, wanted to get a feel for what the gym was like, but was unable to walk out, because the *** sales reps kept persuading to sign up and wouldnt let me walk out, i told them i would think about it..but no way out, finally had to swear to one of the reps to *** off.. unbelievable..

I guess thats what you get when your dealing with a bunch of illegal wetbacks..Consumers beware they will rip you off.. cancelling is no easy task either goodluck...work out at home you will be much more happier


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well I can say no, but honestly their sales people put on so much pressure that out of frustration and just to get them off my back I did say YES (it was a very bad time in my life and I was under alot of pressure and they took advantage of it at the time)...and tried to get out of it, and more BS so I have regreted it ever since. AWFUL system, super pressure and horrible service and DO NOT keep their promises.

DON'T BUY! be smart!


it is impossible to cancel. I wish i had read the dozens of forums repeating the cancellation issues with LA fitness before I signed up.

Would've saved myself hours of trouble and hundreds of dollars. I cancelled by mailing in a form back on 11/30/08 certified and they STILL denied that they received it. I read the website completely and all they say is mail in this form with no other fine print. I have been continued to be charged for Dec and January and no doubt will also be charged for February.

I called corporate who are trained to scam you. Why else would their cancellation system only include snail mail-should've known it was suspicious when you couldnt cancel in the actual gym.

I would recommend calling a lawyer before cancelling. Talking to other friends, they actually get some *** done when you threaten them.


La Fitness is not hard to cancel at all. The membership is a month to month.

You are not locked into any long term commitments which is great....In order to cancel give them a 20 day notice.



Very hard to cxl. Had solid trainers at the Sand cyn Irvine club but once managers Eric and then Joe, left it was all downhill.

Membership guys and new training sales guys are a joke and only care about your money. Even with numerous letters sent (registered mail) and conversations with fatboy Aaron my training wasn't cxl'd for an additional two months... and this was even out of contract term.

Most LA Fitness clubs are dirty and overcrowded with very few exceptions. Not that 24 hr is any better.


hey gm, you must be a *** yourself...f**kin *** i got enough balls to say whats on my mind, you f**kin white trash inbred


Oh come on Jim, you're going to tell us that a grown man like you didn't have what it takes to say no and just walk out of there. What they do, tie you up?

And what does wetbacks have to do with joining a gym?

You sound like an angry person who needs more than a gym. Don't blame others for your weakness!!!!