Acworth, Georgia
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I should have never signed up to begin with...From the horrible service I received while tryin gto give them money for myself and my girlfriend to that same day going to the cardio area and getting on the first 4 trreadmill's and none of them working to not even being acknowleged on the way out...I should have never signed up! After countless times of NEVER being greeted on the way in and out to the equipment not working for over a year I decided to cancel our memberships. I had the front desk girl in front of the General Manager (the only reason I know he was the GM was becuase his shirt said it, not becasue he ever said "Hi" to anyone) print up my cancellatino forms as he heard me request them and just walk off. Sent both the forms in and received email confirmation that it was done. recenlty changed my debit informaiton and am now getting 4-5 phone calls a day starting as early as 7:20 am to update it.

NO ONE can help and Robert the Operations Manager is the only one that can help me and he works 9-5 and is never reachable by phone. The calls are becoming harrassment and I have gone into the gym 3 more times to get something taken care of and nothing!

Let mention to you that I am the General Manager of Larry North Fintess in Dallas and I would never have someone go through what I have gone through one becuase it would never get to that and two if for some inexcusable reason it did I would handle it the first time I heard of the issue!

This place ant hte people there are awful at their jobs and give GREAT gyms like mine a bad name!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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Service is *** I get billed twice every month and they get upset when u ask for your money to be credited back to your account. Canceling membership as well.


This person is trying to give negative comments to its competition since this person said he work as a General Manager of Larry North Fintess in Dallas.


Stop Crying


if your a member of a gym why would you go to another gym thats ***